HTC Flyer review – Pen pal

06 July 2011
Considering the avalanche of tablets now on the market one could be forgiven for thinking “How will this one be any different?” The HTC Flyer, though, is nothing if not unique.Yes, it's an Android tablet; but one which has decided to zig when every other droid tablet out there has zagged...

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  • Frank

Is it still in market

  • Segapo

Hello everyone I have this HTC tab so it fell and broke the screen and I am struggling to repair it because they can't find the screen/ LCD. Please me up guys I love it so so much and I want to fix it.


  • Akesh

Hi All
I have just signed up for the HTC flyer.The one issue thats bugging me literally is the fact that on PDF Viewer,the thinnest pen stroke is too thick !! The same problem does not apply when using the Reader and annotating an EBook.
Please advise if there is a fix for this

  • Ste

Ive just won one from work! Cant wait to have a blast on it!

  • Mohini

This phone is very smartphone i like it so much

  • Anonymous

why the HTC can not support with khmer Unicode ?

  • Xerandy

slikey84, 08 Jul 2011I have this tablet and I love it. I'd like to point out though I... moreHi,im looking for a pad that can replace my laptop functions, including video chat (cam to cam) chat, not just voice chat. Is it possible to be done in HTC as I read one line in your review, video call can be done here. Ive tried lg optimus pad for this function, but the front camera cudnt switch on during skype chat.Need your suggestion which tablet i shall buy.

  • kalipso

Kudos to HTC for trying to implement pen with tablet, but without pressure sensitive pen, that's just a gimmick. Without that, you can't use pen for anything serious. Only tablet who has good pen features is Asus Eee slate, and it runs windows 7, so you can run on it full version of Photoshop, 3D studio max, or 3D sculpting applications like Zbrush or Mudbox, witch have most benefits from his pressure sensitive pen. And it's much easier to draw on screen (or sculpt), then by using table top graphics tablet. And Slate uses non battery pens and technology from Wacom, leading graphics tablet manufacturer.

  • dragonx99

This is a treat to look at. HTC = Innovation. I'm totally mesmerised by the customised OS.

  • AnonD-2540

Imagine using a tablet as a satnav.

  • runem

the HTC Flyer will charge with any microUSB charger, but the original charger will charge it faster then a cellphonecharger

  • Gadgety

I'm attracted to the Flyer, specially with the inking possibility, BUT no phone function is lame. I've seen HTC do this again, and again, keeping some function out that keeps me from buying. It even has the capability but it isn't enabled. It means they could offer two versions, with our without phoning capability at two different price points with zero additional manufacturing cost = higher profit (although I understand it could add cost in terms of getting carrier approval etc).

  • King Madcell

we have to admit that android 3.0 is pretty lame, and most of the developers ain't on it so i think 2.3.3 is a good idea at least on my opinion.

  • Anonymous

i am not knoweing why someone wuld buy this when u can have ipad, ipad can be jalebreaked and have init the andriod. junk.

  • zing

that's why i still have my viewpad 7.
cheapest 7 inch on the market, and having phone capability is a plus.
lot of people say, blablabla, not top specs, but it works for the use i need.
web browing, docs viewer/editor, youtube videos, gaming, and ocasionally, phone calls and GPS in my car.
i think in this case htc just raised the bar selling this device at this price.
too much for the specs.

  • slikey84

I have this tablet and I love it. I'd like to point out though I DID have headphones in my box! They are the white version of your standard HTC headphones with the 'play, rewind, and fast forward' buttons.

Telephony is not a big loss for me, I still can text from it and with various apps I can also video call people so never really outta touch! There are bigger and more powerful tabs out there, but this one suits me down to a tee!

  • Ashura

One Remark, 07 Jul 2011I have just one question: Why is the lack of telephony a disa... moreI agree.I belive that telephony on a tablet should be optional or non existent

  • AnonD-4280

Almost perfect,but no telephony...

  • ziele_3

I have one and i think its brilliant supplement to laptop and smartphone...I can take my laptop (13 inch) everywhere thats why i got Flyer :D works perfectly fine - internet browser brilliant...and you can charge it from every micro usb charger.

Great Tablet

  • One Remark

I have just one question:

Why is the lack of telephony a disadvantage for a tablet device? I mean, 101% of the people using tablets do have mobile phones, dont't they?