HTC Flyer review – Pen pal

06 July 2011
Considering the avalanche of tablets now on the market one could be forgiven for thinking “How will this one be any different?” The HTC Flyer, though, is nothing if not unique.Yes, it's an Android tablet; but one which has decided to zig when every other droid tablet out there has zagged...

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  • dm

I'm sure it can focus during video recording. Not auto, but manual. Just tap on screen. Similar before photo shooting.
Why you did not mentioned this in review?

  • RejZoR

Has a camera ever worked properly on any HTC device here on GSMArena? Almost every HTC review has a camera that has colors all messed up, focus messed up, smudged and blury image etc etc. I mean WTF!?

  • ifanboy

bigger desire hd lol :P all htc devices with same sense ui. why do i spend lots of money to the same shit ?

  • AnonD-455

Well, imo lack of Honeycomb isn't really a disadvantage because it will become obsolete when unified Ice Cream come.

Hahaha, why does almost every HTC review say "lens issues"? Can't they send a phone with a properly working camera at least once?

  • Nekdo

Would buy it if it made phone calls. Simple as that. Don't wanna carry two devices around.

  • Anonymous

Unfortunately the Android tablets will be mainly fighting each other, rather than iPads.

Honeycomb is disappointing so far, not sure whether it will make much inroads into the market, unless some major advertising or hardware differentiation comes into play.

At the moment though, iPad is starting to become synonymous with the word tablet, much like the iPod replaced the term mp3 player.

  • Spits

Note to review writers:
The Flyer is chargeable with any micro-usb cable, not just the HTC ones. (Dutch 32 GB, 3g model)

  • AnonD-4697

Soo many android tablet devices..some good some sucks.

HTC is doing well making this one, but, I still having my doubts abut this one :P

And Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread instead of 3.0 Honeycomb is just plain wrong :(

  • Raj

Lol at LG in the title.

So many tablets now, get a review of the Asus Transformer please!

  • AnonD-5422

What does LG do here?!!!


  • nnnd

LGHTC , interesting brand...

  • Flyer

1. You can make calls if you use the headset
2. There will be a Honeycomb update especially for 7 inch Android tablets
3. Shame on Gsmarena for not knowing this

  • AnonD-730

On the main page it says LGHTC Flyer !! Please change it !