HTC ChaCha review: Status update

12 July 2011
Standing out in the ever growing crowd of droids is a tall task indeed. Doing so while keeping the whole thing affordable, is next to impossible. HTC – of all makers – somehow managed to achieve it, vastly improving the market prospects of...

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  • Anonymous

The dedicated “F” button ruins/cheapen the phone. I hope this is the last time we see dedicated “F”acebook button on a phone.

  • cadanGan

Finally a decent Qwerty Candybar Android Phone. But the "F" button ruins it :(

  • AnonD-13684

mobile phones nowadays are so dependent on facebook. facebook here, facebook there.. its ok to make facebook as an app, not a hardware part of the phone. It's so manipulating.

  • Anonymous

"We didn’t have a matching set of benchmarks for the HTC Desire Z, but the much better BenchmarkPi results (2059 for the ChaCha and 1282 for the Froyo-running Z) show that having newer architecture is more important than pure clock speed"

Please take notice that BenchmarkPI score is better when small. So 1282 is a better score than 2059.

  • Ashura

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2011From the firt time i saw chacha....phew...its so ugly phone... moreMy girlfriend for exapmle would love it since she is a Facebook addict she posts stuff there all the time

  • Anonymous

Two months from now Facebook will be dead and Google+ will be the leading social network. Then this phone will have no use anymore.

Just kidding.

  • Anonymous

After the Desire, the Sensation, the Incredible, the Wildfire, etc., couldn't they have come up with a proper name? ChaCha...Geez, that sucks!

  • ravi

nice phone usually htc wont launch this type phones...

  • Anonymous

From the firt time i saw chacha....phew...its so ugly phone...btw who need facebook button?!?!?

  • Laurynas

Better open clinics for Facebook brain washed and addicted people.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2011Most people uploading photos to Facebook couldn't care less... moreYou mean YOU couldn't care any less.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-3485, 12 Jul 2011If this is a "Facebock phone", the only thing you... moreMost people uploading photos to Facebook couldn't care less about their image quality of their party pics...

  • Anonymous

well, for rich teenagers wh0have too much money to waste...

  • AnonD-3485

If this is a "Facebock phone", the only thing you can expect is the camera to be decent, after all, people upload photos from their phones all the time on social networks.
Also, post process images would add a annoying step when you could simply upload directly, if the camera sucks so badly, what's the point of this device? So much for a "Facebook phone" yeah?
Serious, that makes it an almost a useless device.

Another HTC, another bad camera. And this one has the silliest name of them all.

  • enrique

Laurynas, 12 Jul 2011No, it is not my type of phone.u r nt eligeble for using htc chacha

  • Laurynas

No, it is not my type of phone.