HTC ChaCha review: Status update

12 July 2011
Standing out in the ever growing crowd of droids is a tall task indeed. Doing so while keeping the whole thing affordable, is next to impossible. HTC – of all makers – somehow managed to achieve it, vastly improving the market prospects of...

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  • Anonymous
  • X}$
  • 22 Jun 2021

Hands down one of the best social phone.
You didn't even talk about the second best feature: easy manual linking (merging) and de-linking of contacts from multiple social accounts.
The seamless merger of so many social applications into a single interface is the best feature.

Sadly, had to replace Chacha because of low memory and RAM.

I haven't found any better contact mangement application since, on Android store. If someone knows one, please do share.

    • s
    • storm
    • rsx
    • 13 Jul 2020

    best phone ever, so much easier to type than blackberry.
    sadly phone died and got replaced.
    now in 2020 trying to restore it but parts are hard to find.

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      • nickky
      • aqX
      • 01 Mar 2017

      munfon, 19 Sep 2013Chacha is very simple n very portable but battery dont last.Either your battery is bad, or you didn't turn on background data. It lasts more than two days using communication tasks like phone calls, messages, e-mail, whatsapp. Web and video watching do drain the battery quite fast.

        • f
        • farshad akbarzadeh
        • a3E
        • 21 Nov 2015

        Conect google play open acunt

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          • Anonymous
          • uNV
          • 26 Aug 2015

          adkhan, 01 Nov 2014How to use 3G in htc chacha,there is no option for 3G.Haw to u s me vedio call not sapurt 3G Network

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            • AnonD-360624
            • Nqs
            • 06 Feb 2015

            munfon, 19 Sep 2013Chacha is very simple n very portable but battery dont verey thaks

              • m
              • mysteriouslady
              • uQ5
              • 08 Jan 2015

              Too bad - internal memory is very2 low..
              Even with SD supported can't even transferred any apps...
              I would appriciate it if u upgrade the android version & storage to SD CARD...

                • a
                • adkhan
                • PAm
                • 01 Nov 2014

                How to use 3G in htc chacha,there is no option for 3G.

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                  • AnonD-220239
                  • 7tV
                  • 01 Jan 2014

                  how to make videocall
                  dogsnot support whatsup

                    • s
                    • sahar
                    • HIf
                    • 21 Sep 2013

                    I had this phone sinse 4 months ago bt i codnt us the face book yet, is there any extra setting for it, help me if its possible plz

                      • m
                      • munfon
                      • fsT
                      • 19 Sep 2013

                      Chacha is very simple n very portable but battery dont last.

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                        • AnonD-176872
                        • D9g
                        • 18 Aug 2013

                        kel, 25 Jul 2011Whts da main difference btwn HTC status n HTC Chacha???There is no difference between both phones.

                          • k
                          • kimia cha cha
                          • B}q
                          • 25 Jul 2013

                          Thank you so much....

                            • D
                            • AnonD-165131
                            • N9@
                            • 14 Jul 2013

                            The screen lock ring on my HTC status always hang and makes it difficult pull it out to unlock please can someone help me to improve? Thanks.

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • a4u
                              • 13 Jul 2013

                              I just got a cha cha & i love it the design is perfect

                                • B
                                • BUTTERCUP1
                                • 4EK
                                • 02 Jul 2013

                                I need a phone case if possible ?my iPhone cracked my third one so I'm back to this one ,my the way is my favorite! HELP I WANT TO UPDATE THE LOOK

                                  • a
                                  • amzx
                                  • utx
                                  • 24 May 2013

                                  uj, 14 Jun 2012could anyone tell me what is the difference b/w htc chacha ... moreboth are the same

                                    • k
                                    • khel
                                    • N7A
                                    • 12 May 2013

                                    The htc chacha sucks...the battery the heating..the low internal memory.. its all bomb. I realy regret bying it. If only ytou gyes acn do something about it, its would be better. Ezpecially the battery life

                                      • s
                                      • savior
                                      • N7A
                                      • 06 Apr 2013

                                      Those HTC chacha Support Whatapp application

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                                        • AnonD-103491
                                        • t1Z
                                        • 21 Jan 2013

                                        the internal memory is sucks... it wont allow us to move to sd card... and the batteries is sucks... my app only whatsap,YM,LINE, Path, and instagram.. and my memory 40MB remains... too bad for u HTC fix it please