HTC ChaCha review: Status update

12 July 2011
Standing out in the ever growing crowd of droids is a tall task indeed. Doing so while keeping the whole thing affordable, is next to impossible. HTC – of all makers – somehow managed to achieve it, vastly improving the market prospects of...

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  • Anonymous
  • s%{
  • 26 Dec 2012

One worst thing im telling you is if you use this phone at least one day you have to take at least three additional batteries this is a monster of eating the battery and it is getting heated on the back side.if the battery problem can solve this phone is a value for money you it possible to upgrade this battery problem via software update?

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    • igmemon
    • t@F
    • 04 Nov 2012

    tell me skype support

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      • Annu
      • upf
      • 23 Sep 2012

      uj, 14 Jun 2012could anyone tell me what is the difference b/w htc chacha ... moreChaCha is for Indian Market & Status is not...

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        • meme
        • mcu
        • 19 Sep 2012

        U guys shd stop complainin abt the fone....ues the camera suckz bi sooo wht????

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          • innous
          • t}K
          • 16 Sep 2012

          user, 29 Jan 2012better than samsung pro and blackberry!Not better dn mah Y pro

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            • london555
            • 39x
            • 12 Sep 2012

            I did,nt like this phone ,, i should have ask or view comment before buy this phone

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              • Avi.....
              • 9GH
              • 08 Sep 2012

              Anonymous, 29 Jan 2012I got this phone yesterday and what can I say. A really goo... moreIt's awsme.......i like it.....

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                • AnonD-69412
                • PA8
                • 01 Sep 2012

                I luv HTC CHACHA n my daughter 2 yr 6mths like this phone so much and my gal very well known how to open n download esp d movie n games til my phone low memory storage. Plz upgrade d internal memory. Luv HTC

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                  • AnonD-66684
                  • j3A
                  • 13 Aug 2012

                  Battery is pathetic: 4 hours with average use.
                  HTC should be ashamed.
                  DO NOT BUY this even if you get it for free.

                    • k
                    • kittu
                    • Y}x
                    • 20 Jul 2012

                    charging is very low and net was nt opening

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                      • Anonymous
                      • u1t
                      • 20 Jun 2012

                      AnonD-45599, 09 Apr 2012guys can u tell me tht htc chacha is better or htc wildfire s ? Chacha

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                        • subhan
                        • u1t
                        • 20 Jun 2012

                        Quality of this phone is great specialy qwerty pad is so nice

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                          • uj
                          • 9Dm
                          • 14 Jun 2012

                          could anyone tell me what is the difference b/w htc chacha and htc status ??????

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                            • Dr. EJ!
                            • w0Q
                            • 10 Jun 2012

                            Compared to other touch and type smart phones, this is perfect! It's not only for the 'young market.''s very useful for pro on the go!

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                              • Telly
                              • 8Hn
                              • 16 May 2012

                              Haroon, 14 Oct 2011For Those Who Dont Know What ChaCha means. Its mean "U... moreChaCha doesn't mean uncle in this context it's a dance

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                                • Ashish
                                • i49
                                • 09 May 2012

                                I just bought a black HTC Chacha... It's simply awesome!
                                I hate using JUST touch ones and this proved to be a great option of touch n type. I have been and will always be a HTC Fan... Yes..plz something about the battery.

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                                  • ajith
                                  • 7tG
                                  • 24 Apr 2012

                                  It is very difficult to open the battery compartment

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                                    • AnonD-45599
                                    • KIX
                                    • 09 Apr 2012

                                    guys can u tell me tht htc chacha is better or htc wildfire s ?

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                                      • Eskoch
                                      • S0u
                                      • 27 Mar 2012

                                      I like HTC Cha cha very much except the damn battery plz HTC give us a solution for dis.

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                                        • AnonD-28188
                                        • U{M
                                        • 11 Mar 2012

                                        The best out of all smartphones I've used n proud to be a HTC'ian for the past 7 yrs but after my wildfire I fell HTC must improve in battery life it is damn...jamming...that's all I can say plz plz plz say a way to save our batteries n now am using cha cha the battery stay oly upto 8 to 10 hrs of rough usage can't hear songs n do anything(even use of FB) when going in a journey in fear of batteryyy etc..,plz HTC we beg u..