Nokia C2-00 review: Dual SIMbiosis

04 August 2011
Dual-SIM is usually the domain of no-name brands, and the few models signed by top makers are well worth a look. Because when you need to make a lot of calls on a shoestring, nothing beats the likes of the Nokia C2-00. The Nokia C2-00 seems...

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  • Anonymous

shubh, 21 Apr 2012Ya.why not,this is the world's best mobile in low price,who aces... moreU r rite

  • Boss

Please dont buy this mobile...

When my frineds told me i didnt listened and now i am suffereing... Worst Nokia mobile, I have Samsung S2 and still i needed a low end dual sim, so thought of going to Nokia as always Nokia delivers good basic model mobile.

C2-00 has lot of drawbacks compared to other dual sims and price also expensive where you can get extra features with 1200 in samsung dual phones.

We cant set different ringtone for different sim
Works with huge lag:(
Loudspeaker is worst
Battery life also not upto the mark
Only one sim will be active during call...

  • ok

Jay, 29 May 2012The reviewer says the SIM can't be named. But it's wrong. SIMs c... moreyes

  • shhamo

not buy this phone .............

  • Jay

The reviewer says the SIM can't be named. But it's wrong. SIMs can be named.

  • Sky

Month from which i started using it i explore many problems though its a dual sim it's 2nd sim requires 1st . Bad sound and camera quality .dul disply .it gets easely attracted by viruses and hanges quickly.c200 should not be in the list of nokia phones much more to develop .................................

  • Bharath

c200 mobile is the world best good exelent and remarkable mobile and it is more then android,galaxy,iphone

  • shubh

Sharma, 09 Aug 2011How can i see a online video On NOKIA C2-00 mobile.pls rpl me.Sharma ,m sorry but our c200 does not support streming.

  • shubh

Mahmoud, 11 Feb 2012Very Very very nice phone. i bought the same before a month. its... moreYa.why not,this is the world's best mobile in low price,who acess internet in a seconds.

  • shubh

raj, 20 Feb 2012one of the worst model in the market is nokia c2-00.i don't know... moreWhat rabbish,I can't face all of this type problem.

  • rathish

Not bad..... That's all

  • sipu

I like it at 1st.But when saw there is no function of u 2be ,i changed my mind.

  • raj

one of the worst model in the market is nokia c2-00.i don't know why nokia is relesing this model in the market.2 sim's are not active at a time n it's not taking the signal also worst worst..plz don't buy frnd's............

  • Mahmoud

Very Very very nice phone. i bought the same before a month. its very superb in access. not a single problem found during this whole month. its an excellent phone according to me. you have buy this excellent phone with a lesser price.

  • axcbd

C2-00 can not set up diferent ringtones for SIM1 and SIM2,camera very very bad,no led flashligt(mising led flash light for use as a torch), standart s40 platform-easy acess to menu, my instaled java aplikations(like operamini,weatherforecast,streaming radio player,youtube videos player, streaming videoplayer can not acces internet conectivity-only preinstaled opera get conectivity ... nokia C2-00 with 2mpx camera&led flashlight would be a great phone

  • PRIT

While i am using net through network 1. Then network of sim 2 automatically missing. Same problem is not for samsung phones.for avoid this i have to divert sim2 into sim1.and then i can receive calls of sim2 through sim1. This is best way to avoid this problem.

  • nobody

Why sounds come from loudspeaker............?? Its very much pathetic...............


nokia c200 is not get the sim2 features.hanging when searching contacts.

  • Dr.Imran

benny, 05 Aug 2011GSM arena why wasting time on this crap.. please tell us how to ... moreIts not true. There are a lots of people in this world who uses their cellphone mainly for voice call & massaging. For those people buying an iphone or a droid is just a waste of money. Different operator offers us different packages. For example in my country (Bangladesh) Grameenphone has the strongest & largest network coverage but also expensive call rates and Airtel offers us the most economical call rates but weak signal strength. So when i stay in the city i use Airtel for both important or casual phonecalls, but when i go outside the city specially countryside i use Grameenphone for only important phonecalls. Which reduced my phonebill about 30% comparing with previous months. Which is very important for a student like me. Moreover i can check & update my facebook account, chat with my yahoo & fb frnds (by mig33), check my mail regularly, enjoying my fav musics on the way(i added a 4GB card) & use this phone as a internet modem with my laptop. Paying only about 70$ without any agreement with any operator, isn't it great? At least it server all my purpose 100%. And i attracted for this phone after reading this article. So this article can't be a waste of time.

  • Anonymous

Anoop, 05 Aug 2011Just purchased a C2-00. Whenever I make a call normally, the voi... morei to having the same problem is the company having only one speker for both ear pies and loud speaker