Nokia C2-00 review: Dual SIMbiosis

04 August 2011
Dual-SIM is usually the domain of no-name brands, and the few models signed by top makers are well worth a look. Because when you need to make a lot of calls on a shoestring, nothing beats the likes of the Nokia C2-00. The Nokia C2-00 seems...

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  • David mark

To my best of knowledge.Nokia C2.00, is the best among the rest phones ever in browsing,easy to understand,using two sim card & loaded with diffrent kind icon.infact is the best

  • venkat

dis advantage: your speaker will be on automatically once your call is connected. To avoid this you need to use your head phone. If you do not connect your head phone any one can listen your on going conversation.

  • GSMguru

great blog and great review about this latest mobile phone

  • bubz

why only 1.8 screenz what sup with that?? 2.2 at least

  • metre9dmt

I appreciate the review but it didn't talk about much of nokia's unique take to dual sim - the sim swap. The 2nd slot can accommodate up to 5 sim cards and recognize it separately. You need to be dexterous to be able to change sims - believe me you don't want to change sims in a moving vehicle. Probably Nokia could do something about this in its next incarnation. Other than that, it my phone for now.

  • shan

is c2 00 available in qatar

  • Sharma

How can i see a online video On NOKIA C2-00 mobile.pls rpl me.

  • Owen

no flashlight ftw!

  • Basti

In terms of price-to-feature ratio. the X1-01 beats this phone hands down. X1 own everything in its price range.

at C2-00 price range; it wont keep up. the samsung or LG dual sims offer better features at similar prices

  • AnonD-1268

Did this phone REALLY require a review? Its Dual Sim. End of story. A whole review just for this thing? :/

  • Anonymous

all dual sims phone including china made dual sims are dual sims,dual standby but SINGLE ANTENNA...that explain y when u r making or receiving a call on C2-00,1 of the signal will b missing and it will activate again once ur call is ended

  • AnonD-11905

Samsung C3322 is a far better deal...with the same price you'll get 2.2 inch QVGA screen, 2 mp camera, better design with metal front case...yes, a very cheap price. An answer for people who always say metal is only for high ends handsets.

  • saryu

AnonD-13986, 06 Aug 2011There's still a lot of people going "OMG, China brand,... moreoh well. ty for the nice comment, i had imagine many people will start to flame me..

may be i'm lucky to get the durable 1, i don't change phone much, i only had 2 nokias, 1 SE, 1 china dual sim, 1 nexus s.. the 1st nokia last until now, only the body messed up but easily replaceable, my 2nd nokia (5800) isn't as good as the 1st, already went to repair twice in 3 years.. my china phone works fine till now but it's boring-old phone (boring like c2-00 except much older).. i hope samsung did a great job in nexus s, so far 8 months (since last december) hvn't had any hardware problem..

i just hope that nokia do something extraordinary amazing. Their top phone is not as competitive as the others, their mid range is so-so, their low end losing in feature with china phone.. while different people are having different result with their phone, some having terrible built quality, some having great durability..

that's why nokia lose it's ground on number 1. i remember good old days, their high end is the best, their mid range packs lots of punchs, their low end is a superb good deal..

  • saryu

Sun Down, 06 Aug 2011Did your Nokia failed you in terms of hardware? Or was it s... moremy nokia 5800 is now in repair.. 3 years old though =)..

waiting for it to be fix, now using my old 4 years old china dual sim (never go to repair) and my lovely 6 months old nexus s..

well, at least my 5800 deliver what it promise, excellent music audio quality, that's it...

  • Ian Paice

Sun Down, 06 Aug 2011Did your Nokia failed you in terms of hardware? Or was it s... moreExcuse me, mister? Your N70 is decade-old? You must be mistaken! You better be factual in posting comments. Now your credibility is quashed. N70 was released 2005, not 2000 or 2001. Be factual and accurate, ok?

  • tarun yadav

its best and wise phone
it has cop. multimedia function
really its best..............

  • AnonD-13986

saryu, 05 Aug 2011lol. i never usually troll... but GSMarena sure waste their... moreThere's still a lot of people going "OMG, China brand, horror", esp Asian region, for obvious reasons. Plus many have had bad experiences with China brands, in a variety of product line.

Good for you that you take care of your phone well. Mine didnt last one year, so China, Taiwan, Korea or any phone with plastic hardware is out.

  • WEKS

People who are unhappy with what the good folks at GSMArena are reviewing should start their own reviewing site and see how well they do.

  • Ritchie Blackmore

GSMArena, can you please come up with a review of the Nokia X1-01? I would like to know your opinion and findings about its loudspeaker performance if it really is the loudest Nokia ever made. Thank you.

  • adi