HTC EVO 3D review: An extra dimension

19 August 2011
As 3D is taking over theaters and living rooms around the world, the craze is hitting handheld too. The next thing to shake up the business or on the way to irrelevance: geeks will geek about it either way. Now that the HTC EVO 3D has grown a GSM radio, they get...

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  • Anonymous

3d phone is the future, we see lots of 3d phone in 2014 from major manufacturer

  • Anonymous

is this an international release?

  • Nick

The ICS upgrade is a half ass job. I say that because many of the functions have become second rate quality such as swype which I have to now add majority of the words to its personal dictionary. Predictive text for second language is completely gone even though the option is available. Earphone controller randomly stops working which requires a restart to get it to function again. Changing between WiFi connections sometimes randomly fails. Camera snap rate is still terribly slow!This phone is a power house but that doesn't help if the program code is poorly coded.

  • AnonD-58942

I really love this phone im going to pay it

  • Anonymous

I upgraded for the wildfire s to this and It's so much better and for that price It's a steal

  • jsngrnwd82

I would just like to say GREAT REVIEW! I wish all reviews were this in depth, intelligent, and well thought out. You truly delve into every detail which is something that no one else does. The internet is full of reworded one page unimaginative articles. Good job.

  • MP7

207 pounds at asda. Best mid-priced phone around.

  • Alexei

AnonD-10287, 22 Feb 2012I've got HTC EVO 3D for 4 days now and i can say that i'm m... moreHere the LG Optimus 3D costs 310E while the HTC Evo 3D costs 380E. If that were the case, would you still buy the HTC?

  • Rahul

Is it a good buy £229?

  • AnonD-10287

I've got HTC EVO 3D for 4 days now and i can say that i'm more than satisfied with it. It's my sixth HTC so far so i know what i'm talking about.
The reason for i brought this phone is that i wanted a contract-free phone an it had a killer PRICE for VALUE. In my country, the GSM version, is sold with 280 euro (free of any contract). The package included class 6 8GB MicroSD and a complimentary car charger. The HTC Sensation is sold with 450 euro and LG Optimus 3D with 440 euro (free of any contract). Both those phones are in the same league with EVO 3D, but their price is much higher.
To be honest, i don't give a damn about 3D and i have a Nikon D90, so phone cameras are of no interest for me as a main photo source, so i'm more than satisfied with its 5 mp camera.
The phone is very responsive and it does everything perfectly (so far :P), but i'm not gonna give a review of the phone.
The battery life is not impresive (despite it has 1730 mAh), but WiFi is allways on so it might improve if I turn it off. Overall, the battery sustains a day of work without charging with medium usage and still has around 30% in the evening...oddly, better than my coleagues iPhone 4(S)'s battery.
Bottom line: For 5 years i'm a smartphone intensive user (starting with HTC Tytn II) and I was very aware of HTC EVO 3D's pros/cons before buying it. The reason that i brought this phone, as i have said at the begining, is the price reported to its value. If the price would have been the same as the other 2 smartphones (Sensation and Optimus 3D) I would never considered buying it. But so, it was a more than attractive offer...with a 3d flavour ;)

  • Akira

I've got this phone for 2 weeks, I like it very much~
Bit I've got a problem about the camera in 2D/3D - the camera is kind of slow reaction after I've pressed the shutter, does anyone get the solution of this?

  • Ramanan

Hi. has anyone tried video calls ?

there is no video call option in my mobile that can make video call through the mobile network carrier.I see only 'call' option but no 'video call' option. but i am able to make video calls through skype and fring.

  • AnonD-5557

Optimus 3D looks better

  • Diandra

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2011i r not noing why ppl are having this fone when u can have ... moreWhat a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for poistng!

  • Dillanger

AFAIC that's the best ansewr so far!

  • Roby

Azz, 22 Aug 2011I get mine on tuesday hopefully. Cannot wait! HTC SENSE FTW... moreI'm rlaely into it, thanks for this great stuff!

  • AnonD-18045

htc-quietly brilient ok, but qwality also brilient.IN INDIA samsung has coverd full market by galaxy s2 but think about qwality.............

  • AnonD-22093

I just got one myself yesterday. Its a really good phone. 3d function is awesome but you have to use certain angel to view it properly. Boot is a lot faster then my previous HTC is like any other Andriod phone.

only negative factor I have experience so far is the battery life. Its just too short. A fully charged battery will die after 3-4 hours use. So if you are planning to use it as a music/video player for your journey better take your charger or a spare battery....

  • becca

had a go the other day- really good phone. Amazing 3D Selling point, but good that you can change it to 2D so it doesnt ruin your sight! ha

  • AnonD-21779

oh hai, 26 Aug 2011can the gmsarena editor team please include something about... more...come should know by now that all batteries on all smartphones will be crap at best and require charging at least once a day because of those hi res screens mentioned unless you want a smartphone 3/4" thick to accomodate a huge battery....if you dont know that by now you shouldn't be looking at these reviews...