Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro review: No small affair

24 August 2011
Sony Ericsson have always done a good job of putting big ideas in a small package. The original Xperia mini lineup wasn't ridiculously powerful but had plenty of personality. The pint-sized smartphones did well on the market and you...

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  • Krish
  • vGn
  • 24 Jul 2023

Santosh rathod , 21 Aug 2022Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro available Really available

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    • Anonymous
    • U@B
    • 13 Sep 2022

    Want this phone

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      • Santosh rathod
      • 7kb
      • 21 Aug 2022

      Gte, 17 Sep 2020Want this cellphone againSony Ericsson Xperia mini pro available

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        • Gte
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        • 17 Sep 2020

        Want this cellphone again

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          • raj
          • f}I
          • 24 Mar 2019

          how to get display

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            • Anonymous
            • iwp
            • 12 Apr 2013

            How can use video calling option

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              • bj
              • Mf5
              • 11 Mar 2013

              Hi, wll i get dis cell still in market...? Hw is cndtn of dis sliding feature, is it trustable or defective

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                • Anant
                • rJp
                • 17 Dec 2012

                I had gone to purchase this phone(xperia mini pro).. It was manufactured in FEB/2012 i had gone to purchase on 16th DEC/2012.. I heard that it'll give some defects because of such a long period of manufacture.. Is it true can i purchase it or not.. I like that phone a lot.. Please respond for my qsn? As soon as possibe. M on my heels to purchase it

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                  • Amit
                  • rK4
                  • 12 Nov 2012

                  pls show indian prize for security purpose.

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                    • nik
                    • upa
                    • 21 Sep 2012

                    joka, 13 Jul 2012U can make a Skype video callYes u can make a skype video call

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                      • nik
                      • upa
                      • 21 Sep 2012

                      I m using this phon for 20 days .overall gd.bettry poor, screen quality gd, camera superb, gps exellant, a little heavy, but i recomnd xperia mini instead of pro

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                        • Anonymous
                        • u{K
                        • 02 Sep 2012

                        djdjuro, 11 Nov 2011Hi, Can you please tell me which Android player can I use ... moreuse MXPlayer frm Google Play

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                          • Oj
                          • vG$
                          • 24 Aug 2012

                          My phone touch screen is not working.I went to the service centre and they said it is because of the physical damage. But the physical damage is from quite sometime and my scereen stop responding just few days back. My phone is still under the warranty period and i am not sure whether such type of damage is covered under the warranty period. Could anybody suggest a proper solution and also the price that will cost me in getting it repaired.

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                            • AnonD-67089
                            • PS6
                            • 16 Aug 2012

                            I just purchase my mini pro 2 days ago, after struggling 2 decide btween HTC desire c and samsung ace plus. Sony erriccson wasn't on my list. Kept going back to the specs, as im looking for a compact phone (im sucker 4 tiny phone), n i want phone that can perform as those xpensive smartphones can do. I accidentally read great reviews about this phone during my research, n it make me curious. I went to the shop 2 inspect it further, eventually bought it. Wow, im super impressed with hs evrything i want from a phone. Im so happy n glad i chose xperia over the other 2 brand, because the price were really cheap. Ridiculously cheao, tiny n powerful in its category. I sigh to myself n shake my head, made me cringe when i think that i almost pay over (100-200+) over a phone with the same function. I dont mind tiny screen, cause the display are super sharp (tx to bravia). Im so in love wit this phone. Tq n kudos to sony ericson 4 this amazing super mini cute adorable n reliable phone!!!

                              • S
                              • Sahra
                              • 4xt
                              • 01 Aug 2012

                              AnonD-33606, 10 Jun 2012Hi... I hav a samsung s3500 slide phone... It display often... moreIs this very small...!!?!! And is it good for texting?

                                • R
                                • Rock
                                • t}e
                                • 25 Jul 2012

                                GR8 fone.....good processor n best....did gr8 mistake buyin s********* g******** p** d***

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                                  • Honey
                                  • t1$
                                  • 21 Jul 2012

                                  joka, 13 Jul 2012U can make a Skype video callHey you tried ha... It works or not :-)

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                                    • joka
                                    • 04N
                                    • 13 Jul 2012

                                    jasu, 20 Jun 2012is it possible to make skype video call in xperia mini pro?... moreU can make a Skype video call

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                                      • AnonD-61575
                                      • ter
                                      • 03 Jul 2012

                                      Wht is the way 2 upgrade android to version 4 ?

                                        • m
                                        • mamacitah
                                        • vmJ
                                        • 01 Jul 2012

                                        raisul, 12 Jun 2012Hey, my xmp notifies that it has a system update for 4.0.2.... morewat android version ave u got?