Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro review: No small affair

24 August 2011
Sony Ericsson have always done a good job of putting big ideas in a small package. The original Xperia mini lineup wasn't ridiculously powerful but had plenty of personality. The pint-sized smartphones did well on the market and you...

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  • bayu
  • Kid
  • 26 Jun 2012

how make video call??

    • r
    • rahul
    • bEM
    • 20 Jun 2012

    jasu, 20 Jun 2012is it possible to make skype video call in xperia mini pro?... moreyes

      • j
      • jasu
      • 3xL
      • 20 Jun 2012

      is it possible to make skype video call in xperia mini pro?any help is appreciated plz reply

        • r
        • raisul
        • PEq
        • 12 Jun 2012

        Hey, my xmp notifies that it has a system update for 4.0.2.A.0.62 available . Is it the ics update ?

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          • AnonD-37216
          • P@T
          • 11 Jun 2012

          AnonD-55878, 22 May 2012I bought this mobile last week yesterday I dropped it down ... moreu r finished dude.. go buy a new one..

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            • AnonD-33606
            • t}I
            • 10 Jun 2012

            Hi... I hav a samsung s3500 slide phone... It display often goes white.. I went to repair it and they said that dnt buy any slide phone... Bcoz its display always goes white.. So i thought to buy this xpera mini pro phone... Is there the same problem with the slide???
            any one can tell me

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              • User of an SE
              • 3ZQ
              • 05 Jun 2012

              diana luffy, 01 Jun 2012Hi all, can someone tell me what need to download in androi... moreAll You have to do is to scroll to the desired application, press download and then apply.
              U can scroll to the left as soon as you enter the market , there you'll find the categories which will help you find what are you looking for

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                • User of an SE
                • 3ZQ
                • 05 Jun 2012

                AnonD-43102, 07 Mar 2012Does Skype, WhatsApp and MessengerWithU applications from t... moreYou can and i've tried it many times :) smooth and fast , WiFi recommanded

                  • d
                  • diana luffy
                  • 2Av
                  • 01 Jun 2012

                  Hi all, can someone tell me what need to download in android market :-/

                    • r
                    • ravi
                    • U@t
                    • 31 May 2012

                    well! it's an awesome phone to have .
                    Only disadvantage is that the battery backup and the other is small screen size but it's your decision to go for it. i dropped it down two times but no effect on its hardware and software so it is harder too. And also it is sooner getting an ice cream sandwitch update so thanx a lot to sony for this upgrade. go for it....

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • U{J
                      • 30 May 2012

                      djdjuro, 11 Nov 2011Hi, Can you please tell me which Android player can I use ... moreYou can't play those formats in se mini pro

                        • D
                        • AnonD-55878
                        • t1$
                        • 22 May 2012

                        I bought this mobile last week yesterday I dropped it down after that touch is not working

                        wat to do?? PLS help me out

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                          • Anonymous
                          • pra
                          • 21 May 2012

                          bought this little monster on release to replqce my xperia x10 and till today it is as fast as day 1... love it for its size but the galaxy s3 will take its place only when travelling

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                            • mahendra
                            • U{Q
                            • 16 May 2012

                            realy good

                              • a
                              • ar
                              • PSL
                              • 27 Apr 2012


                              can you please tell me the good android application...? is it possible to download other than the android application and games.? if yes tell me the URL

                                • s
                                • suganesh
                                • Hkr
                                • 25 Apr 2012

                                it is a amazing one
                                after use this u can feel better

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 0wq
                                  • 27 Mar 2012

                                  this phone is great but only a few issues like poor battery, poor ram utilisation because of the poor O.S and very low internal memory.also to mention useless trials preinstalled.otherwise its a great phone.not sure if it is future proof.but lucky it wil upgrade up to Icecream sandwich.what bout jelly bean?wil it make it as far as that?food for thought.

                                    • R
                                    • Rajeev
                                    • bC9
                                    • 26 Mar 2012

                                    my SE xperia mini pro purchased one month ago has started hanging from day two. Phone can be restarted only after battery is removed and reinstalled. does any buyer has faced such problem and if yes, what was the solution ?

                                      • k
                                      • king
                                      • U{v
                                      • 23 Mar 2012

                                      Sujith, 03 Mar 2012Want to know whether skype Video Call is available in this phoneS

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • s%{
                                        • 21 Mar 2012

                                        Anonymous, 28 Nov 2011"To its credit, the Xperia mini pro did play a 720p MP... moreonly FLV