Samsung Galaxy S5690 Xcover preview: First look

03 September 2011
The Samsung S5690 Galaxy Xcover brings a touch of class and authority to a lineup of durable dumb phones for the outdoor enthusiasts. It’s arguable whether it can take as much bashing as its less sophisticated siblings, but this rugged smartphone is trying to combine the best of both worlds...

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  • Anonymous

I have problem with my got a network problem and a battery problem...can you help me please

  • Alex

Hello this samsung it's very nice and perfect also it's comfatable for me becoz i have all i need but only one probalem u don't know why always it's switch of without any touch it and i see the semest with this but they have seme probalem blis anyone who can help me

  • Anonymous

I just bought a Galaxy Extreme have nor gotten it yet. I hope it is not as bad as some of these comments. I almost got an I phone, hope I am not sorry I purchased it.

  • Mary

subhashjhorar, 12 Sep 2011motorola defy+ is best to xcoverI love reading these artilces because they're short but informative.

  • Hasim

I'm impressed! You've managed the almost impsosible.

  • Chris

Ashura, 06 Sep 2011Hey SE has great Android phones you knowMy hat is off to your austte command over this topic-bravo!

  • Monica

AnonD-2815, 05 Sep 2011Motorola defy is 100 times better than this ugly crap. Defy... morehey , i realy like the samsung gaaxly tab and does any one that has it has oil slick as well as the 10.1 ? please reply and thank you wonderful review

  • Anonymous

The advertizing pic of this phone its like the ads for 4x4 cars. But this 4x4 phone has a fuel tank for just half maybe more but no way for whole day. Its a shame... So shame.

  • Amilo-D

AnonD-21098, 07 Sep 2011Marvell mg2 Cpu? is it any good compared to Qualcomms or De... moreI have this phone through work. Battery life is mixed. WHen i use it 4-5 hours a day for gaming, battery lasts about 36-40 hours.

But when used little (1 hour pr day for browsing/game, 5-6 calls) then it can last 3 days. On standby, a full week!

  • AnonD-11269

Doug, 23 Sep 2011My God, all you saying that the Defy/D+ is better than this... moreyes, we've seen the cheap part-DIES I WATER. Sorry, but defy costs ~400$ in Croatia. Galaxy ACE is expensive and its junk compared to defy. Two months before defy came in croatia galaxy 3 cost 390$. Samsung is not cheap, but their phones are cheap junk

  • Doug

My God, all you saying that the Defy/D+ is better than this... thats because (if you actually read the article) this Samsung will be aimed at the "lower end" of the rugged phones.
They're not trying to be better, just a cheaper alternative. Good day.

  • veer

Sure, Defy/Defy+ looks better spec wise, yet I hope that Xcover will have half the price yet the same performance and endurance. One thing that I dont like about Xcover is its color scheme - that gray looks cheap and fugly, that thing looks unbelievably CHEAP. I hope Samsung will release all-black version, because back and sides of this phone look nice, front=UGLY!

  • AnonD-23172

defy better than xcover,superior screen res. and a much tolerable ui than samsung's touchwiz.

  • 20legend

Defy beats xcover,bigger display with much better screen res and a better ui(better than touchwiz,i believe)

  • subhashjhorar

motorola defy+ is best to xcover

  • AnonD-11269

looooooool samsung.... IP67 cert, and phone dies in water.... hahahhaha go produce TVs, that is only good electronics from you, your phones sucks! DEFY wins in every segment: nicer, bigger screen, better camera, 2GB of memory, IS WATERPROOF (tested sooo many times), waaaay better chipset, .....

  • Anonymous

I hope it were "Galaxy S II Xcover"

  • AnonD-21098

Marvell mg2 Cpu? is it any good compared to Qualcomms or Defy's Ti Omap? How is the battery life?

  • Anonymous

Does this phone have DLNA support? Some spec sheets list it while others do not.

  • Ashura

Arturo, 05 Sep 2011You are so right, I'll never buy an Android phone if it's n... moreHey SE has great Android phones you know