Samsung Galaxy S5690 Xcover preview: First look

03 September 2011
The Samsung S5690 Galaxy Xcover brings a touch of class and authority to a lineup of durable dumb phones for the outdoor enthusiasts. It’s arguable whether it can take as much bashing as its less sophisticated siblings, but this rugged smartphone is trying to combine the best of both worlds...

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  • JM

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2011LOL... don't have a front facing camera even the Defy+, wtf... moreAnd what's the point of Galaxy S in ruggedness? Xcover is ugly and not really considered as midrange. Better get Motorola Defy. It's among of the worthy phone to get. Ruggedness + CM7 + Edge to edge screen = win.

  • Anonymous

LOL... don't have a front facing camera even the Defy+, wtf, just buy the Galaxy S.

  • AnonD-3398

Looks like Humvee of a phone.. good.. back cover is samsonite with a screw to remove open..

  • Anonymous

damn. must be the nicest looking tough phone out