Samsung Galaxy Note hands-on: First look

27 September 2011
The Samsung Galaxy Note is a player in a game of numbers - and it's drawing higher numbers than the competition. Starting with the 5.3" 1280x800 pixels SuperAMOLED screen on the outside and all the way in to the beefed up...

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  • AnonD-23828

So my thoughts with comparision of Galaxy S II:
+ no protruding elements at the back side (camera and the bottom of the phone);
+ some features that most phones still don't have: barometer, LTE, GLONASS (add it to the phone specs!);
+ a pressure sensitive pen;
+ max. size that I can have in my pocket;
- Android 2.3 Gingerbread, I think it should contain Honeycomb or the tablet version of Ice Cream Sandwich;
- PenTile - but at that DPI it's not so disturbing.

  • fatpanda

at least this one looks optimised like the gs2. no lag, choppiness or stuttering. i really cannot wait for this to be released - just hope it has the same great performance all round as the gs2. fingers crosses. oh and can you check which sound chip is in this phone ? yamaha or wolfson ?

  • tmp

Solution: cargo pants ;-)

  • iskra

uhm ? screeen is red :o i thing white and other colors is better in standard tft lcd or super lcd :/

  • Wakazamurai

I wish you guys could test and post a video of typing on it with one single hand. This is my major concern. It is a great phone! iPhone's screen has become too small for browsing or showing pics to friends.

  • willstay

..but basically one of the drive-crazy-for factor is note taking feature. I am just wishing someone is already porting MS One Note to Android.

  • willstay

I am excited like hell to get this phone. With SGS2, my need to use laptop reduced by 30%. With Note, I think it will reduce by 50%.

  • AnonD-23820

Looks interesting, but i wouldn't buy one.I mean,come on, it's huuuuuuuuuuuge. Where do you keep it because i don't think our pockets are big enough.

  • AnonD-21723

My new phone. Need to save up my pension fund. I dont care if it doesnt fit in my pocket. It means i dont have to buy a tablet. Can't wait.

  • AnonD-6026

will it fit my pocket? :P

  • Anonymous

Super Brilliant Phone!!!