Sony Ericsson Xperia ray review: Ray of light

28 September 2011
Honey, I shrunk the Xperia arc. No, that's a different story. And yes, we like the Sony Ericsson minis. But that's not how the real story of the Sony Ericsson Xperia ray goes. They did things to the Xperia arc...

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  • Kaushik

My first Android phone. I bought in 2012. Still working. This is the classiest phone i ever had.

after using it for few months i sold it,, but since then i'm looking for Xperia Ray to buy it again. it was classiest and one of the best looking Droid i ever had.
i'm still looking for one to buy it again.

  • Abdullah

Sony xperia ray is available or no ?

  • rijh

Hamidi, 05 Jun 2012Can support skype or not?No

  • Aadrian

Good phone

  • shaji

I have Sony erricson ray

  • Constantin

Nice and comprehensive article. Much time invested... Thank you!

  • faiq

AnonD-102486, 18 Jan 2013which one is better Xperia Ray,xperia Arc or Xperia Neo in ... moreUse Xperia arc

  • Trafalgal Law

Im using this phone for a year now and I think its 1 of the best single core xperia have created..

Good at some hd games like NFS most wanted
Sound and camera are excellent..
Very sensitive touchpanels..

Best at ICS rooted with custom rom to boost its full potential..

Badsides for me is the loudspeaker..

But I love this phone alot..

  • kerplunk

Just update 4.1.B.0.587- 4.0.4 ICS
And its great

Great phone with cheap price good for daily use also good for playing videos

  • chris

Do NOT recommend upgrade. 4.0 turned my good little ray into a super glitchy POS. Luckily warranty reverted it back.

  • Hridoy

Xperia ray ST18i & ST18A are same phone?
Is it suppor all kinds of apk games?
Plz ans me.. . .

  • Aan Shovon

I've Xperia Ray ..... I Am Afraid to upgrade it...... 'Cause I Heard X-Ray Lag On ICS When 2 Apps Running at The same time.... Is It True???... Should I Upgrade...... Help Me Guys..... Sorry For Bad English....

  • AnonD-102486

which one is better Xperia Ray,xperia Arc or Xperia Neo in terms of specification and performance?or any Sony Xperia at the same price range.Please suggest.

  • thanzi

I realy like xperia ray.....
this is the mobile of my dreams.....
small in size (not soo small) big in features......
my favorite handset ever....

  • Irene

jkl, 24 Jan 2012Hello everybody! I would just like to know should I buy thi... moreYou should buy the phone. The on-board keyboard actually has swipe-mode (automatic), so even if you have big fingers you still can type comfortably.

  • rasel

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2012Have been using it for 3 months. It runs 720p youtube video... moreI agree

  • shiva kumar

Recently I bought this mobile this mobile is excellent but it has some drawbacks flash is not automatically launched when capturing the image loud speaker quality is poor,low there is no bass settings

  • vicky

I have dis phn . Btw d speaker r not of high quality...
It has no issue did d speed...despite of dis it is really a nice phn...

  • AnonD-59804

von, 20 Dec 2011sample shots of the ray :> morethanx alot >>> Love ya :)