Nokia 700 review: Agent seven double-oh

31 October 2011
The Nokia 700 has a license to chill. Unburdened with high expectations, this phone is getting ready to surprise you. Not in it for the win, it has too much class to lose. Scorching hot body and super crisp ClearBlack AMOLED screen, the Nokia 700 is stepping on its 1GHz processor to the delight ...

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  • AnonD-43619

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2012hi, I bought nokia 700, but I cannaot use its front camera ... moreNo boss ' diz mobile dnt suppot video call. Nd diz mob nt hv nd front camera.

  • nick

nokia is old school their days are over there's no way they can come a matter of fact it's an embarrasment to own a nokia

  • Anonymous

Has anyone been able to upgrade to quickoffice pro for nokia 700. It does not seem to be available for south africa, but in manual and lite app it says you can. But on upgrade site it is not available.

  • Sellam

You guys don't tell that there is not enough software for symbian it has all the nessary softwares. You are telling these for all the symbian phones.More over symbian belle is a new OS time will take for programming... I don't like to see these again... I thick you haven't used symbian yet...

  • paresh desai

James, 21 Dec 2011Well said !hi

  • paresh desa

this is best

  • sanderman

as well

  • n-ergy

R.I.P. Symbian

  • Anonymous

been trying this phone @store...nokia700 is owesome, love the dimension, and symbian belle run smooth, the camera just fine, i do make some macro like shot and the result is nice

  • Wuah o.O

Anonymous, 08 Jan 2012hi, I bought nokia 700, but I cannaot use its front camera ... morelol he doesn't have a front camera man!!! Don't tell me you thought that because he is a 3G phone e has video-calls xD 3G it's only for network speed!

But to ease your pain, this little felow it's a great (smart)phone, like the review says, this is like symbian sould have looked all along (in other words, similar to Android)!

Nokia seemed to be on a good track with Meego instead of WP, but the investment offered by microsoft spoke louder...if they considere growing symbian, they need to give up Anna OS and invest all efforts in SYMBIAN BELLE OS that is far better, simple and beautiful ;)

This one is pricey but the hardware that Nokia always invests deserves it.

  • AnonD-37410

this phone is really good, it small, compact size, and smooth system(i've tried it) but unfortunately it come with no good camera (so i'm not bought it), and from the review the picture taken by this camera is worst than other eDof camera. i really often to take picture, so it's not for me.

if only it get good camera (even not AF), i will consider to buy this. But, for people that not consider about the camera should take (or at least consider) this phone.

  • Anonymous

hi, I bought nokia 700, but I cannaot use its front camera for videocalls. when I make a videoall I can see the person I called, but he/she cannot see me, I have turn back camera to me let him/her see me. I looked for the instructions but I could not find anything. Can you help me and explain how can I make front camera work for videocalls? thanks

  • Maks

very nice,,,,,,

  • Anonymous

AnonD-3958, 25 Nov 2011dont buy this os goin to die...Errr.. Nokia said that they will slowly abandon Symbian in 10 years (might be 9 now).

So, who will keep the same phone for 10 years? That argument is just out of scope.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2011I have this phone and what I've noticed is that it lasts ab... moreThat doesnt sound great. Some smartphones can go 2-3 days with 3G! Defy+.

Battery life was one of nokias good points. Battery capacity's are very low compared to other phones.

  • tony bhai

nokia 700 mobile is like a mersidge car but engine eicher tractor

  • James

AnonD-3485, 06 Nov 2011Get real man. You don't know a thing of what you are saying... moreWell said !

  • Thenokiagallery

I dunno how you take photos but here are my samples unedited straight from the phone

  • shyam

n700 is gud divice

  • paseo

poor camera ,poor video,no HDMI ,and very poor battery.So it's like Mercedes body with simple ford engine.