Nokia 700 review: Agent seven double-oh

31 October 2011
The Nokia 700 has a license to chill. Unburdened with high expectations, this phone is getting ready to surprise you. Not in it for the win, it has too much class to lose. Scorching hot body and super crisp ClearBlack AMOLED screen, the Nokia 700 is stepping on its 1GHz processor to the delight ...

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  • conspicuous

@gsmarena staff - the nokia store has now been updated to version 3.18 and is much better. Could you please update the store section of your review accordingly?

  • Emix

I ordered this phone but i am disappointed now when i read this about music player and camera?? Why Nokia?? :(

  • Anonymous

Simon, 31 Oct 2011Beauty? Are you serious? The phone is ugly. Also it's extremely... moreFor me the phone is extremely good looking, I'm sure that what makes it ugly for you is NOKIA on the top. ;)
You talking about CPU speed on a phone just makes you kinda stupid... Seriously, who cares about the clock number? The experience and functionality that matters. I just hate Android because it makes all the geeks around care about RAM and CPU speed like it was a desktop computer and the OS, the UI and the functionality were not what really matters. Who cares if it comes with a 200Mhz CPU if it runs smooth and the phone is frequently updated? Who cares if it comes with a 4Ghz quad core CPU if the performance isn't soo much better and 2 months later there will be another "faster phone"? You are just a piece of the game the companies are playing, they want you to think that you NEED a lot of RAM, that you NEED a extremely fast and useless CPU, so you have a stupid reason to buy another phone 2 months later when you could simply keep the same phone if the companies respected its users and updated their phones. Seriously, think about it... You are acting like a fool...

  • AnonD-281

could this be a pre release unit ? please update , cuz i had too much expectations from it , the music seems too bad for a nokia , and the camera too . please update with a release unit , please .

  • AnonD-843

please gsmarena next time if you are reviewing nokia 603 show us usb otg feature connecting pendrives, usb mouse, keyboard, speaker etc

  • Sails

It is pretty funny how much certain people can't stand Nokia phones getting compliments.

Nokia 700 is great phone in its category and the offline Navigation & CBD tech would probably make this my choice in the price range.

Android does well with superphones but this range is lagfest that has bad app support and doesn't get updates. Mostly pretty sad affair.

  • cheena

Why aren't you testing browser performance? Things like Javascript, Sunspider, page loading times, download speed via cellular and via WiFi? That would give a good comparison of performance compared to other platforms.

  • Anonymous

How could the author recommend a phone with an OS that was killed by Nokia. Nokia ABANDONED SYMBIAN. One more time, NOKIA LET GO OF SYMBIAN. Today, phones are not about making calls as much as the applications that they run. Apple knows that, google knows that, and even Nokia finally figured that out and jumped ship to Windows. You can't compare this phone with any smartphone on the market because there is no comparison. Maybe in 2007. But not now. If someone needs a smartphone, get an Apple or an Android. And in 1 yr, consider a windows one. But symbian, sorry, its been dead for some time.

  • Anonymous

Simon, 31 Oct 2011Beauty? Are you serious? The phone is ugly. Also it's extremely... morewho wrote this review? really? and your here in gsmarena reading and you gonna say that? make your own website and write/review whatever you want to say, your just making yourself a statement that your idiot...

  • Johannes

Nice review, however I am missing some comments about the email client! Everything is covered except email. Which is the most important application for me.

  • AnonD-843

Simon, 31 Oct 2011Beauty? Are you serious? The phone is ugly. Also it's extremely... moredude its really beautyfull and handy to u se in real world. Bw no one wants your outdated fragmented and filled with tons of fart app phones here

  • AnonD-4697

Simon, 31 Oct 2011Beauty? Are you serious? The phone is ugly. Also it's extremely... moreNokia don't need to win any speed race...

People like you are confused on "Brutal-Power" against "real use"

Nokia has demonstrated their phones runs smooth on 1 GHz even on a 600 Mhz phones against Android for example...

Android phones don't runs pretty well and has lags even on a dual-core phones, since the OS is not optimized, no iOS that OS don't need any power hungry phone to run smooth..just like Symbian and WP7, those OS also runs AMAZING in low powered devices...

So, don't be fool, thinking RAW power is all....a clear example is ZTE, is a no. 4 in sales and they don't have any "Power phone" because not all people is interested in that, just in a good phone for do the work..

  • Simon

Beauty? Are you serious? The phone is ugly.
Also it's extremely outdated other than the 1ghz processor. How can you compare it to latest Sony Ericssons (like Xperia Ray) or HTCs like Rhyme? I mean, seriously how? Are you serious? Who wrote this review?

  • Des

Nokia, you are still bringing sub standard products to a very sophisticated market, both Symbians and WP are not going to turn it around for you. I wish you good luck and you will need it.