Nokia 700 review: Agent seven double-oh

31 October 2011
The Nokia 700 has a license to chill. Unburdened with high expectations, this phone is getting ready to surprise you. Not in it for the win, it has too much class to lose. Scorching hot body and super crisp ClearBlack AMOLED screen, the Nokia 700 is stepping on its 1GHz processor to the delight ...

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  • Infms

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2011Why the shitty ARM11 with no GPU? I mean, come on. Even the orig... moreThe Nokia 700 has a BCM2763 GPU which is comparable to that of the SGS2! Symbian only supports ARM CPU architectures, hence Nokia's use of an ARM CPU in this handset.

  • Emix

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2011Why the shitty ARM11 with no GPU? I mean, come on. Even the orig... moreSorry but Nokia 700 and all 3 new Belle devices have new same GPU with 128mb compared to N8, C7... it is much better.
If this phone would have no GPU it wouldnt be able to play HD video.­ion/showthread.php?228196-Nokia-600-700-701-GPU-­upgrade!

  • AnonD-22393

Welcome back Nokia and Symbian.700 rocks.all nokia haters are scared like hell.

  • Anonymous

Just like flash lite everything is lite about this phone. If you want the actual deal look elsewhere.

  • lordstar

Good to know that Symbian Belle is revolutionizing the symbian experience. Fingers crossed for a symbian c update..

  • OptimusNext

Good to see Nokia has finally gone Android. I thought they didn't like Android because they can't differentiate themselves? Yet, here they are! Innovation to the max! :) !Well done Nokia :)

  • AnonD-563

I do not like the fact that u've ignored updates coming to major apps like Maps, Nokia Store, and even Microsoft Belle edition. I know u reviewed what was given to u by a slight shout out to the niggas from Nokia Betalabs! Hek even that Map application isn't on v3.08

  • doraemon

spesification are not bad. but i prefer nokia 603

  • Jmml1

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2011Why the shitty ARM11 with no GPU? I mean, come on. Even the orig... moreOf course it has gpu, do some research u ignorant!!!...the only new nokia phone without GPU is the Nokia 500, and thats why it's so shitty, but this phone is world apart from his brothers

  • Fic

Great phone for me. One of my favorite Nokia latest phones although it doesn't have front camera and the best part is, the loudspeaker is not at the back but in bottom front and it won't muddled when it placed on flat surfaces compared with many other Nokia's.

  • Anonymous

Fixed Focus Camera = Useless.. I won't even be able to use it to take pictures of text written on paper or posts on bulletin boards.

I don't understand why nokia does not make any autofocus phones anymore.

  • Anonymous

Why the shitty ARM11 with no GPU? I mean, come on. Even the original Motorola Droid's SoC was better.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2011Ugly match to other Snapdragon phones in its range. Why... moreHave you actually seen or held the phone in your hands? I doubt you have. It truly is a handsomely designed phone. And it exudes of quality and sturdiness. Pictures don't do it justice. Before you call something ugly, see it in person and hold the phone in your hands first. And mine came with a 4gb micro-sd card.

  • rob65r

The review is incomplete. I too, thought that the 700 didn't have video calling. But that is wrong. All you need is a 3G connection and another phone with video calling. When you call the other phone with video calling, the Nokia gives you the option to connect using video or just plain sound. Although you can't see the forward facing camera under the gorilla glass, it is there. Just try making a video call. Like I said, you just need a 3G connection and another video calling capable phone that also is on 3G.

  • Rawr

What's with the Nokia+MS hate? I seem to be reading a lot of ignorant comments that aren't constructive. I've been using Nokia's for the longest time, and I must say after the short video, I can definitely see a HUGE change from Symbian S^60 to Belle. I'm currently using the E72, which is still running old school Symbian, but I don't find it that bad. Maybe the browser experience isn't as good as the likes of MS, iOS or Droid, but it does it's job.

Phones = making calls and keeping in contact with others, it is what it is.
"An apparatus, system, or process for transmission of sound or speech to a distant point, especially by an electric device."

  • Jonny

Everyone that is dissing symbian hasn't tried belle, so keep your outdated opinion to yourself. It's not Symbian that is outdated now, it's you.

  • Anonymous

I think the camera looks decent... It's not sharp, but at least it's not full of noise and artifacts either... Maybe increasing the sharpening in the camera menu helps a bit. Why don't you try it GSMArena?

  • 700

Review has finally arrived! What do you think of these audio tests, particularly on the speaker and ring tones? There are phones with top grades, but in practice does not ring loud. For example I had Sonyericsson t700 (80.6 db!) And the calls they felt little, while the C901 (only 69.5 dB) rings much stronger and it feels pretty good! What do you think?

  • Anonymous

Ugly match to other Snapdragon phones in its range. Why nokia is producing such phones ! Wake up nokha. Its time 4 u to strike back.

  • Anonymous

wot is flash lite?