Sony Ericsson Xperia pro review: Social Inc.

18 November 2011
Sony Ericsson can sit back and call it a job done. The last of the new Xperias is on the shelves and the impressive lineup gives them plenty of reasons to look forward to the holiday season. Quite a squad they have put together...

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  • Anonymous

I’ve had my XperiaPro for 2 years, a wonderful phone/organizer with lots of useful apps and features, but, the camera button doesn't work anymore and battery charge life is limited to 1 day and only if I switch off background data (longer if data disabled). Biggest problem:- RUNS OUT OF MEMORY!! Worst is when downloading app updates, have to force close some apps to free up memory. Niggles:- can’t bulk ‘select and delete’ deleted emails, It sometimes ‘does things’ without me asking! Navigation (GoogNav) is brilliant but chows battery bigtime and unit gets hot when on car charger for extended time, Some (never used) pre-loaded apps can’t be deleted to free up space (let’s Golf etc.). Otherwise, I wouldn't (and probably couldn’t) be without it. This phone unit MUST last me another 2 years at least! Last phone SE P990i still going strong after 8 years!!!

  • syeikh aminuudin

you can service my phone??prob memory card and simcard...

  • Hichellammani

Hi friends how to ics update phone xperia pro pls tel me pls pls

  • guddi

im using first time dis is very good and application is very fast browse.

  • paladinkiller

I was first bought xperia play and then I came accross this phone also, im a heavy gamer and also avid social person, so now I have a gaming phone and a social phone how cool is that

  • DS

GSMarena states that "You can manage individual messages (forward, copy, delete) and even lock them (against deletion)"
Can you please tell me how to lock messages?
I have Xperia Pro and I don't see such option. It was present in my HTC ChaCha.

  • AnaPRO

I love this Phone. Everything. I just would like to go back to gingerbread, I loved the 2.3 and now the update is icreamsandwich which feels not as good as gingerbread. Other than that I would like it to be dual core so I won't have to replace it for many years, mainly because I love the design.
But that's it. It's fast, it looks good and is not super expensive.

  • micky

Hiiiii frds it is a best phone I ever is awesome........
I just want to ask when I take any pic the eyes of tht person always come red wht should I do in setting so tht it should not come????????

  • BikesRule

Hey guys,great phone.Got it yesterday,it is my fourth Sony Ericsson phone and my second android running mobile.Im very impressed with it,I just have one question.Does anyone have an idea if it will be getting ICS and more importantly USB on the ?

  • AnonD-51425

well i saw this review today...are u satisfied with it, coz i'm not...

  • Aditya

I just got it as a gift from my mom . GR8 phone . I just want to mention the person who wrote the review that I got a HDMI cable with my phone . May be it differs from region to region . I live in India

  • max

what do we hv 2 do 2 take a silent picture? thank b4

  • Manish

Seems like it is not available in Black colour(atleast in Navi Mumbai).
Enquired few shops and none of them had it in Black.

  • Aryan

Hey guys,which colour would be the best; black or silver

  • max

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2011I had my doubts but the headphone socket at the side really... moreplease tell me, does the phone (xperia pro) have an 'OK' button at the keys, For easy clicking while browsing with opera mini ?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-37651, 11 Jan 2012Question for SEX pro users: does the BODY (and any differe... moreI have the black one and it's full black plastic all the way through. (and a bit of black anodised metal in the slider mechanism).

  • AnonD-37651

Question for SEX pro users:
does the BODY (and any different part of it) is just simply painted/colored, or it's full color material?
just main thing that after some use it WILL take cornering scrathes and so on, so if it is just colored, that means the plastic color will occur.
what is best color for this phone? silver or black?
(sory for my english)

  • tchalikias

This phone is great, however my unit seems to have a rather annoying problem: the screen has a yellow tint to it, which is especially noticeable when browsing on white pages etc.

Compared to my monitors, my Motorola Milestone and my sister's Xperia Pro Mini the screen has a much warmer white color temp.

I'll try to get it exchanged. I hope this is a rare incident, I don't want to have to go through numerous phones to get one with proper colors.

  • Anonymous

twinnings, 22 Nov 20111. I'm thinking of getting one, but i have some doubts. Fir... moreI had my doubts but the headphone socket at the side really works well. The microUSB at the top isn't a bother either IMO.

  • pepin

I got the Xperia Pro about 4 days ago, and so far it has been amazing. It is fast, the screen is great and the camera is better than I had expected (I saw some bad reviews on it) the keyboard and build is fantastic and not cheap at all, despite being made of plastic. It is definitely less chunky as photos show it, and it doesn't collect as many fingerprints either. There are a few minor niggles however,I have found.

1. The notification light is on the side and not in a prominent position at the top front of the phone as it usually is on android phones. This is a little bit annoying but it's not much of a problem.

2. The light on the back search and menu buttons are really bright and sometimes hurt my eyes in the dark - unfortunately there is no way to turn them off

3. It lags a tiny bit but it's really not much (may be because the phone is still very new)

4. The battery life isn't bad, but it's not amazing either . It lasts me a day of heavy usage.

5. Another minor thing is that when you set a pattern or a password to unlock the phone, you have to slide the slider and THEN the pattern/passcode. This is a really minor niggle but it does slow things down a bit.

that's pretty much it!! Everything else is great about the phone, and I really do recommend it :) let me know of you have any questions and I'll try answer them for you