Samsung S8600 Wave 3 review: Third time's the charm

7 December 2011
It's an easy one to miss. With Mango phones coming from far and wide and droids well at cruising speed, a new smartphone on an emerging platform is going to struggle to get noticed. Apparently, Samsung are in a...

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  • fun9
  • PBR
  • 07 Dec 2011

nice, a great alternative among droids out there. Metal is great n look more stylish but easily get heated when we using it a bit longer, n there's no other optional colors available. Good phone anyway.

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    • Anonymous
    • sm{
    • 07 Dec 2011

    I think this is sexy, great spec, i want it, when can i buy this?

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      • 3ZH
      • 07 Dec 2011

      Sorry, what I meant was the Wolfson DAC. Yes, the S8500 actually had it. What it basically meant was amazing music quality.

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        • Akinaro
        • gEq
        • 07 Dec 2011

        third site(under widget pic):
        ""The regular hoimnescreen pane can be expanded into up to ten panes""
        its should be homescreen

        and there is lost of "pane" "panes" shouldn't be "panels"?

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          • 0Td
          • 07 Dec 2011

          ..not even one photo comparing all three waves..???

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            • 3ZH
            • 07 Dec 2011

            There's no battery life test - that's where Bada shines compared to Android. S8500 easily lasts a week.

            However Wave 3 imho is not a worthy upgrade. It's bigger, the screen is the same thing but stretched and MOST OF ALL s8500 had the one and only amazing voodoo sound making it the ultimate mobile audio player. Of course they got rid of it which takes away any reasons to switch S8500 to this. It's hardly an update.

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              • Wave II owner
              • p@9
              • 07 Dec 2011

              Hello Samsung PR Dept....when are we lesser minions going to get an update to Bada 2.0? I have quite a few pieces of consumer electronics by Samsung and on the strenght of its hardware I went for S Wave II. Now, 8-9, or even maybe more months later, (to the soundtrack of Simple Minds' 'Promised you a miracle') that is then for my future interest in your mobile phone division.
              Thanks and bye.