Samsung S8600 Wave 3 review: Third time's the charm

7 December 2011
It's an easy one to miss. With Mango phones coming from far and wide and droids well at cruising speed, a new smartphone on an emerging platform is going to struggle to get noticed. Apparently, Samsung are in a...

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  • AnonD-3398
  • Khw
  • 09 Dec 2011

dont know why samsung discontinued wave 1, it was a great device, could have been greatest device if it had stereo loudspeakers.. but alas.. not all wishes are fulfilled..

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    • AnonD-3398
    • KAa
    • 09 Dec 2011

    kostakhs, 08 Dec 2011I really feel so stupid selling my Wave 1 because it is a g... moreyou aren't alone buddy, I did the same mistake selling my Wave 1 a week back, for wave 3. now learned that wave 3's loudspeaker is a meager. Wave spoiled me, really, no phone can satisfy me, I believe that. lets see, if they bring something similar anytime soon..

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      • AnonD-32157
      • syX
      • 09 Dec 2011

      That's not fear Samsung :-(
      Bada phones construction (Solid Steel body) and Galaxy phones construction (normal plastic body).....
      What is this????????????
      I think it should be dual OS (Bada + Android) or optional for both OS

        • k
        • kostakhs
        • m%j
        • 08 Dec 2011

        I really feel so stupid selling my Wave 1 because it is a great phone for buying galaxy is good but not better...bada it's simple,quick,smooth and bada 2.0 it is perfect with TouchWiz i will sell galaxy to buy Wave 3...i loved this phone...

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          • Bailey
          • i5B
          • 08 Dec 2011

          I think i am missing the point here. How comes Samsung makes a better build quality for Bada than it does for its high end Android phones?

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            • mqfz
            • ibg
            • 08 Dec 2011

            wave 1 for me is a great phone!
            the solid built of the phone is really great. my phone's dropped a million times and its still working fine.
            the camera takes great pictures, even better than my SGS2. but u need to hold it really firmly so that it focuses nicely n doesnt get all blurry.
            n battery life is amazing! with 3g off, my battery can last 5 days on a single charge

            however, the Bada 3 is not a worthy upgrade IMO.

            please samsung, release Bada OS 2.0 to wave 1!!

              • x
              • xlation
              • MF@
              • 08 Dec 2011

              Dear guys from Samsung R'n'D departments!
              Please release Samsung Wave 4 S8630 with:
              - hardware buttons for call control;
              - hardware button for camera;
              - speakerphone at the top;
              - microUSB port protected from elements with a sliding cover.

              All the above is available in Wave II. I just can't understand WHY you decided to ditch these sensible design solutions.

              And while you are at it, please KEEP the metal body and throw in the following:
              - 4.3 Super AMOLED Plus screen like in Galaxy S II;
              - 8 MP 1080p@30fps camera (ditto);
              - dual-core CPU with a decent GPU;
              - 1650+ mAh battery (1850 mA/h would be nice).

              You have already used these components in the Android flagship (SGS II). Why the BADA flagship is left with the scraps is far beyond my recognition.
              Your S8530 owner.

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                • oks4n4
                • w9x
                • 08 Dec 2011

                Nice Phone, Nice Design, Nice Build Quality, Nice Screen, but Bad OS...

                Who wants to own a Bada/Manggo phone?

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                  • nikstar
                  • v}P
                  • 08 Dec 2011

                  its a nice phone....should have been a dual-core though..not worth upgrading my wave 1......waiting for the next gen bada phone!!!

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                    • Anonymous
                    • vbT
                    • 08 Dec 2011

                    if samsung really wanna make bada big den they ll hav to focus on updating older devices to bada 2.0 asap.....bada 2.0 seems a step in rite direction but still a lots of work need to b done to make bada a worth alternativer to droids n iphones

                      • R
                      • RIPs
                      • tug
                      • 08 Dec 2011

                      no battery test??

                        • M
                        • Mohib
                        • 7w5
                        • 08 Dec 2011

                        The review should also mention Samsung's lazyness for software updates. I would choose Android or WP7 anytime over Bada.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • efV
                          • 08 Dec 2011

                          Why would you get this, instead of the Nokia N8 ? The n8 offers more for sure..

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                            • Anonymous
                            • UD}
                            • 08 Dec 2011

                            "The audio quality is nothing to write home about." What happened to DNSE? Definitely a deal breaker for me. I'll pass on this one and hold on to my S8500 a bit longer.

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                              • cizix
                              • nDA
                              • 08 Dec 2011

                              s, 07 Dec 2011There's no battery life test - that's where Bada shines com... moreWell the battery of the s8500 lasted almost a week, but because there is a but,with the 3g off..when u activated it mostly 1 day and a half...and that's from a former s800 user.I used it for 1 year and i know what i'm talking about

                                • R
                                • Raja
                                • qp4
                                • 08 Dec 2011

                                s, 07 Dec 2011There's no battery life test - that's where Bada shines com... moreAs someone who owns the Wave I can confidently say that the battery comment is true.

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                                  • Nick
                                  • 2An
                                  • 08 Dec 2011

                                  I want to see how this new Bada OS handle battery life.

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                                    • harmony
                                    • n}0
                                    • 07 Dec 2011

                                    Hello, I want to know whether(what have) " Music recognition" ,bada 1.2 has, very thanks for information.

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • iib
                                      • 07 Dec 2011

                                      Where can I buy this phone? Looks great... I don't mind the apps issue... it's just a matter of time like android. Well done, Sammy!

                                        • m
                                        • mit78
                                        • 0U6
                                        • 07 Dec 2011

                                        but,if you have in the past,omnia II,this a better choice,not for a experimented user of android,for a lady,or some people,dot need a complex phone.
                                        If you want gps software,chose sigyc ,its perfect for this bada phone.