Samsung Galaxy W I8150 review: S Plus Lite

8 December 2011
The Galaxy S line gets all the attention, but troopers like the Samsung Galaxy W I8150 will see plenty of action too. With a 3.7" screen, it's more compact than the original Galaxy S, but it uses the same souped-up chipset that ticks inside...

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  • Anonymous
  • tue
  • 29 Dec 2013

give me networ speed

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    • vasantharaja
    • 3xJ
    • 05 Dec 2012

    i think next week purchace this currect or not plz comment wi80150

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      • AnonD-63234
      • uEB
      • 25 Nov 2012

      PINOY, 24 Jun 2012Hey guys, my samsung galaxy w seems to heat up 2-3 mins aft... morei've just read this.. hahaha. well what kind of browsing? i mean, if you load a heavy page like facebook and show all contents like web browser not mobile, yes it would cause battery to hot, but i think not that hot.. i use this device for games example, it would reach about 40 degree and it's okay. so my conclusion it's normal..

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        • PINOY
        • PSv
        • 24 Jun 2012

        Hey guys, my samsung galaxy w seems to heat up 2-3 mins after launching an app or browsing the net.. I think the battery is the one heating up,, should I change my battery? and I do so, will it heat again? You thin the battery is the problem? thanks for your reply. I hope for a response. :)

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          • yousif
          • 63M
          • 30 May 2012

          why the bsttery going down quickly

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            • egghead
            • t7G
            • 03 Apr 2012

            RAM Checker, 14 Mar 2012Just noticed that the RAM of my galaxy w is just 351mb unli... more@RAM Checker

            No, RAM size doesn't differ from one country to another. There really is 512MB of RAM inside, but part of it is already being utilized (and is reserved for) by the OS and some apps for the phone to run properly. That's why it may seem that you have less RAM than what's advertised. The 351MB of RAM you see is user available. Keep in mind that the size will also vary depending on what other bloatware apps carriers tend to put inside the firmware of the OS that run in the background during normal use of the phone.

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              • RAM Checker
              • PSv
              • 14 Mar 2012

              Just noticed that the RAM of my galaxy w is just 351mb unlike what is stated on the review which is 500+mb... does the RAM size differs in every country? I got the galaxy w white edition though. is it different from black version? Hoping for a reply. thanks.

                • Y
                • Yiannis
                • g5m
                • 07 Mar 2012

                I own this phone for about a month. Since i am a tech guy ive made my research before i decide what to buy. For my price range i was looking for a phone to be decent+ in all categories, and HDMI wasnt one of my damands. I was looking for an all around good phone with good value for money. Well that phone is well above my expectations. Its not the fastest phone, it doesnt have the best monitor, but for this range of price i cant think a better one...

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                  • megolucky
                  • uZ9
                  • 06 Mar 2012

                  gonna buy this phone very soon~!

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Hkw
                    • 22 Jan 2012

                    emi133, 14 Dec 2011Which phone should i go for: xperia neo v, samsung nexus s ... moreNexus is different league. Price and specs wise. Neo v is good but does not have smart dialling. This well be a decision maker for me. For a phone, that function is a must. My suggestion, go for galaxy w.

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                      • ginger
                      • UDM
                      • 22 Jan 2012

                      hmm.. I don't like the look of this phone.
                      I prefer Huawei Honor with similar spec, but more elegant.

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                        • Techfreak
                        • utk
                        • 16 Jan 2012

                        This is a nice gud looking phone..eventhough the specs seems pretty much similar to that og galaxy s plus,this phone got more value for money n its a nice pakage for abt 17-20k

                          • D
                          • AnonD-37767
                          • 3Y9
                          • 12 Jan 2012

                          i bought the fone yesterday and is facing a strange problem.when i remove headset from fone loudspeaker volume is inaudibly low.i have to restart the fone to make the loud speaker audible again.facing same problem with gt-s5360.want the help this a problem with fone or some settings?

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                            • PROSPECTIVE BUYER
                            • PEG
                            • 08 Jan 2012

                            I already bought the phone...and it's great! Never mind the review... I was looking for the best smartphone that will fit my budget and here it is! VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY...nuff said...

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                              • egghead
                              • t7G
                              • 07 Jan 2012

                              ouch, 18 Dec 2011can we survive if use android phone?? we all know android p... moreAndroid doesn't drain batteries that fast, it's how you use it.

                              If you plan to use it for gaming, surfing the net, or watching movies it'll last a few hours.

                              Some idiots constantly use their smartphones and still expect the batteries to run for two days! Morons.

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                                • frenchy
                                • m8i
                                • 06 Jan 2012

                                what about the batterie autonomy ?
                                I haven't find any discuss about that on french web !
                                someone can help me ?

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                                  • Booo!
                                  • HvX
                                  • 03 Jan 2012

                                  The worst GSMA review i've ever read. This review is too stuck up on those high-end devices, not considering the fact that this is just a mid-ranged phone.

                                    • D
                                    • Dude
                                    • 951
                                    • 03 Jan 2012

                                    For me, the final words (conclusion) section by GSMArena where they also mentioned other phone models are not really that close related to Galaxy W when it come to the same phone segment and price range. Apart from Galaxy W, the other alternatives are SE Neo V, SE original NEO, SE Ray, Galaxy S Plus, Nokia 710 and etc because the price are not far, but it cannot be HTC Sensation XL because HTC Sensation XL will cost more than double of the price of Galaxy W. If the person can afford to buy HTC Sensation XL, i don't think they would even consider Galaxy W, instead they will straight away think of Galaxy S2.

                                      • J
                                      • Joca
                                      • Lch
                                      • 31 Dec 2011

                                      Problem is you can only install or move app to internal sd memory (1.7GB). If you have an external microSD card, it wont help you much. If you take into account that you will install apps and that some app can take more than 300MB and some more that 1GB you may want to think again. Move to SD will move to internal sd memory even if you do it with third party apps like app2sd and similar. An example I have about a 20 little apps installed (most people have much more) and only 2 known games. I have 0 bytes left to install something. This happens in all Galaxy range i guess, but this is the only who gives you 1.7GB. Just think about it.

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                                        • cjs
                                        • 3ZQ
                                        • 26 Dec 2011

                                        AnonD-33869, 12 Dec 2011I second to Gregor, the battery of this handset won't last ... moreyou must have a faulty phone, battery or bad app installed.
                                        have been using mine for over 2 weeks now and hammered the hell out of wifi(permanently connected at home for over 12hrs a day) bluetooth games vids sms calls and lasting at least a day is not a problem. would probably do a day and a half comfortably tbh.