Samsung Galaxy Nexus review: Opening new doors

30 December 2011
Once again, it is the Nexus time of the year. This time, Google has left the Gingerbread cookies and, together with Samsung, has brought to us the Galaxy Nexus to deliver the Ice Cream Sandwich. And while a cold dessert is totally out of place this holiday...

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  • Paul mbugua kamau

How could I find Samsung google phone shop on sh

  • AnonD-346267

I have a question for anyone who can help me out. I have a samsung galaxy nexus 9250l and my problem is that from a while it begins to shut him self out and then restart again by it self. I was wondering if some one can give me a advice or a hint how to fix this problem thank you very much.

  • Anonymous

burj, 20 Mar 2012Missing features on galaxy nexus:- Speakerfone too low .... moreNot true,you can select an option that makes all calls from a certain contact divert directly to your voicemail / answering machine and it doesn't even ring. If that person sends you an SMS/MMS you don't get the notification ,however it does show in the messages list.

  • samiksha

What can I say its just an awesome phone...the best phone I have ever seen

  • AnonD-93813

so its bad advice , nexus gt-i9250 is a good phone

  • Thar Kyi Nwe

I want to know about Samsung Galaxy Nexus 1905's unable power supply !

  • Anonymous

madk, 14 Jul 2012what else? no radio....most important thingGo to dollar shop pick up a radio. The radio feature is very old school.

  • Kingsix87

I'm worried about the exclusion of memory card slot in recent devices. Apple are staying away from it, so is MS with WP7, the Nexus and Nexus 7 don't have it either. Some might say it is for cost savings but it is not. Card slots are cheap and add more value to the device. Nexus 7 with 8GB and card slot will be chaper, but more valuable than 16GB version. Same with the Nexus. Is it for future plans for control of content? Or perhaps each camp is pushing its cloud services? Either way I don't like it! I don't want to be dependant on internet connection for expandable storage, storage that someone else owns...

  • El Sidekicker

Hell. I'm still waiting for Gingerbread! Samsung and Google are giving special treatment to Nexus owners and that is crap. Don't forget your other users Samsung. Just give me Gingerbread and I'll be a happy camper.

  • madk

iGadgetFan, 24 Feb 2012Best looking phone.....super AMOLED screen in 4.65' screen!... morewhat else? no radio....most important thing

  • neel

is video call on 3G is supported by this phone as my friend is also having same phone and it is not supported.

  • Xenical Weight Loss

AnonD-25406, 26 Feb 2012Amazing Mob .. All Features in One .. Hands-On .. You commit an error. I suggest it to discuss. Write to me in PM, we will talk.

  • Kealy

AnonD-2663, 08 Jan 2012Blurring the crap out of sections in a photo is not "n... moreAndy CFor perhaps the first time ever there is a real rsaeon to buy the Nexus! I quite like or the nifty and geeky little things. Shame the launch has now been delayed

  • Gus

Cezar, 09 Jan 2012Hey. Something is missing in the review. The fact that this... moreI'd be lying if I said I've tried all the phones you meeniontd but I tried the mytouch slide, the hd2, and the galaxy s and out of those three the vibrant (galaxy s) has been the best by far. A friend of mine has the Evo, which works similar to my vibrant, but the picture quality is not as good and its way too bulky. Hope this helps.

  • AnonD-50246

I simply love that phone. I just bought it and i am very glad for that movement. I had the s2 before that. I seriously recommend that phone

  • AnonD-45553

mickey, 28 Mar 2012I have a s2 atm thinking of upgrading to the nexus is it wo... moreAnd for you my dear friend just stay with your s2 . If you upgrade to nexus then you'd regret . Just an advice..

  • AnonD-45553

AnonD-45553, 05 Apr 2012Thought it was gonna be a tough one but sadly nope.. Even w... moreA

  • AnonD-45553

Thought it was gonna be a tough one but sadly nope.. Even with its dual core couldn't beat the single core of lumia 800 in internet speed . I pity this phone.. Tested my lumia with my frens nexus !

  • mickey

I have a s2 atm thinking of upgrading to the nexus is it worth it or will it b down grading?? I think Samsung need to work on there new phones longer rather then try get a new phone out all time to many glitchs in there phones i always get Samsung phones but to many to choose from

  • burj

Missing features on galaxy nexus:-

Speakerfone too low ...also ringing sound not loud

Missing memory card option

Batteey life too less according to the requirement

Since this is made by google..and only sold by samsung..its missing inbuilt call reject function..if you download the app..that is not as good coz fone rimgs once and then auto disconnect..which means opposite person knows ur ignoring...

When youre on ur contact list...u dont have much options like scroll left for sms...
And scroll right for calling

Camera just 5mp...why ?

Icecream sandwich is latest version but doesnt mean its better...coz older version is even more user friendly

After making the fone so expwnsive...its missing some very important functions

Peoxessor is also slow compared to s2...