Nokia Lumia 710 review: Smack in the middle

20 January 2012
Nokia Lumia 710 has a tall task at hand. The second brainchild of the Nokia- Microsoft partnership is the budget-friendly option in the lineup. It will try to entice first time smartphone buyers, while battling the Windows Phone...

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  • k
  • kartik
  • 9GJ
  • 02 Nov 2012

Since 4 months i have been using this phone and i better tell you its an awesome phone....
Will give samsung omnia a run for its money....
But some minor shortcomings but i still love it

    • N
    • Nando
    • Pux
    • 22 Oct 2012

    No SMS repetitive sound alert or blinking light. No missed call repetitive sound alerts or blinking light.
    Only the painful process of approaching ur phone and unlocking it to see if smone called or texted.
    Lack of options for everything, minimalistic agenda.
    Camera not enough resolutions available. Space available after purchasing it is 6GB not 8GB.
    Tones and sounds are not loud enough , vibration is almost non existant. Its not mass storage, so forget about plug it in into ur laptop and search for ur photos. U have to use Zune (a pain) or Skydrive ( a simple email account). So those with no WiFi dont exist. Personalizing it is irritating and time consuming. Battery life is ridiculously short.
    Web browsing and Nokia maps ( WiFi connected ) is the only positive point of this cell phone.
    Hope Nokia starts building cell phones again, this is not a cell phone, it`s another MS buggy Windows platform.

      • s
      • saiabhijith sharma
      • rJZ
      • 09 Oct 2012

      norlman, 23 May 2012Myself using iPhone and Nokia 710. Honestly I am impress wi... morehey my friend says tat when compared to android the apps nd games are less in no. in lumia is tat so.... help me dude i jus wanna buy tis phone

        • d
        • dharmesh
        • Hkq
        • 04 Oct 2012

        I am using lumia710 since last six months & I am quite satisfied with it.Regular update brings upgrade my handset.

          • s
          • sagar kale
          • upg
          • 02 Oct 2012

          This mobile good but not battery long life

            • D
            • AnonD-68094
            • IVF
            • 24 Aug 2012

            Downloading large games , music ,videos , pictures to Nokia Lumia using Zune

            To download or upload music , video , pictures , large games or apps , maps and so on on or from your Lumia you have to use the Zune program on your PC . Some above have alternative like skydrive or WiFi, maybe bluetooth (havent tried yet) , but 3G and Edge are for smaller files . Reason is that for large file that would cost you a lot to do it on 3G or edge mobile network and Nokia dont want you to spend on that . Well I guess here ..
            Just download Zune on your PC (you can find the link on google) . You might have to log in a some point on your win live account , the one you must create when your first use your phone , cant remember if necessary .
            Once you have installed Zune , run it , connect your phone to your PC via the USB cable , and wait for your phone icon to appear bottom left on Zune screen . Go to setting to see the folders for video , photo or music , you can change those if you want . Then copy whatever you want to transfert say video file , to the video folder . Go to Collection/video on Zune you should see that video image or icon . Then drag that icon to the phone icon bottom left of the zune screen and wait for the video to load on your phone . Done .
            Same deal for music , same for pictures .
            For large games or some other large files you must initiate from the phone while connected to Zune . click on the game that could not load on mobile network , and it will load to your phone with your PC as gateway . Have tried those , on my Lumia 710 , so it works .
            Good Luck

              • a
              • amaan
              • rAe
              • 22 Aug 2012

              How we can download song ..plz help me guyzzz....

                • a
                • amaan
                • rAe
                • 22 Aug 2012

                banewillkillbale, 18 Jul 2012First of all,to all those ios and android fanboys-bitch ple... moreHow I can download song and video


                  • v
                  • vinay
                  • 9IJ
                  • 18 Aug 2012

                  2 days before i purchase new lumia 710 but when i try to download any video,app greater than 20mb phone warns me "it is to big to download on phone.please download using wifi or zune on pc". Really it has limitation? if yes then how to remove or it is a network problem.pls help me guy.

                    • b
                    • banewillkillbale
                    • 7qA
                    • 18 Jul 2012

                    First of all,to all those ios and android fanboys-bitch please!
                    I bought my lumia 710 about 2 weeks ago... And i must say im totally in love with it!
                    And yes it does have some minor shortcomings,but ask urself all the os's have those... And may be with the windows7.8 update things will get better!
                    And about the battery life me it greatly improves after a week or two..even i was deeply concerned abt this feeble batterly life in the beginning... Now i can get 2 days battery backup easily..
                    Eagerly waiting for the dark knight rises!

                      • B
                      • Binu
                      • bJg
                      • 01 Jun 2012

                      How can i turn the bluetooth visiblity on in my nokia lumia 710?

                        • l
                        • lo
                        • uCn
                        • 23 May 2012

                        n smith, 21 Mar 2012Gee windows os with out the capability to work. my 710 is a... moreU may want to update ur software. Its work just fine to me. Not a single problem. Is good phone??

                          • n
                          • norlman
                          • uCn
                          • 23 May 2012

                          Myself using iPhone and Nokia 710. Honestly I am impress with Nokia windows phone lumia 710. Just love it as it is. Smooth,fast,simple,and after update the software. Battery life improve a lot!! overall I give this phone two thumbs up. NOKIA KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB!!
                          Never regret to buy this phone

                            • j
                            • john
                            • v0q
                            • 17 May 2012

                            GS, 04 Feb 2012phone is not seems worth when it comes to memory storing...... moreIts natural for a phone toheat up if its using internet..

                              • j
                              • john
                              • v0q
                              • 17 May 2012

                              Im using this phone for 3 weeks now and im very satisfied qith the performance. The thing is, its already running on the latest software version upon purchasing here in the philippines exclusive for smart conmunication, call ended issue resolve,freezing and lagging issues are resolve too. Battery life improves 25-30% more. The thing is, no bluetooth transfer ( just for contacts only), no tethering and wifi sharing. Waiting for mango refresh update.. Overall,im happy and satisfied with this.. Thanks windows..

                                • D
                                • AnonD-963
                                • t1$
                                • 13 May 2012

                                I dint get abt 710's Bluetooth limits, can some1 assist me on that (I mean isn't it helpful in sharin?)? Also let me know what happens if ther's no mass storage..

                                  • F
                                  • F
                                  • Ge@
                                  • 03 May 2012

                                  I've loaded Tango for Video call & Skype but how do I use it if there's no secondary camera on the 710. Can someone please assist.

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • kg3
                                    • 29 Apr 2012

                                    Want USB Storage? Install Wp7 Usb Storage Enabler on XDA

                                      • D
                                      • AnonD-39582
                                      • Nw2
                                      • 19 Apr 2012

                                      is the 40mb download limit apply to apps. or us a general limit.

                                        • r
                                        • ravi
                                        • Hkq
                                        • 27 Mar 2012

                                        is there zynga poket game ?