Samsung I9103 Galaxy R review: Riding shotgun

25 January 2012
The Samsung I9103 Galaxy R rode in on the NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform and became the first affordable dual-core smartphone from the South Korean company. With a bright SC-LCD screen and brushed metal back, the Galaxy R is just different enough...

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  • jerrin

i got this mobile in my hand last week.i was using fb and all of a sudden,it got stuck.i restarted it .later on,its off.i tried charging the battery.but failed.dunnu whats wrong with it....

  • otary

anant, 06 Mar 2012hey guys m planning to buy this phone..??? but heard lots of iss... moreI ve had it for ovr a year. In my case its a perfect phone. I use ics official. And will soon get a jb from te net. Dnt listen to what ppl say. Normally Those who complain are te ones who cnt own it

  • Anonymous

Does it have a wolfson DAC?

  • Anonymous

It is a good phone

  • AnonD-14841

Tegra zone has done great work

  • anant

hey guys m planning to buy this phone..??? but heard lots of issue with phone reagrding bug hanging and dat true???? shud i go for dis or

  • masheer

Im just buy this fon..this my 2nd samsung fon after wave bada os..very nice fon n worth to buy it.

  • AnonD-16897

Now that u have edited the comparison of Galaxy R with Optimus 2X by including the fact that it can play FullHD, please do the same in the review too...

  • Anonymous

man this phone is a dream. this ULP Tegra2 can run demanding games without cuts.

seen that Galaxy sII phone in game tests not those useless benchmarks and man, on paper it looks good, but in real life, sometimes it cuts. Tegra 2 behaved as expected from a nNidia product.

  • AnonD-40030

Whats the use of this review. is so late with this full review. This model has been discontinued and is not available anywhere in Mumbai.

  • AnonD-39904

In response to query by "k!"

This phone is only available in one colour - and that is metallic grey. Sites that mention "black" as it's colour are just not being accurate :)

  • AnonD-39904

You forgot an important bit in the review: IT's GETTING AN UPDATE TO ICE CREAM SANDWICH!!!

Great phone, I've owned it for about two months now. Dual core and tegra 2 lets you play high res games and cam quality is great! Latest version of Droid gingerbread + IT's GETTING AN UPDATE TO ICE CREAM SANDWICH!

I bought it off Sulekha website and got it for about Rs. 11,000 cheaper than the S II (which is about 140 or $200 when converted). The S-II sells for Rs.30 K and this phone cost me Rs.19 K with a good deal.

Moreover, the S-plus is costlier than this phone in India. Sensation XL is almost as pricey as the S II so buying this phone was a no brainer!

Considering this phone is like a little brother to the S-II, you couldn't ask for more!

  • AnonD-14841

kishanm77, 27 Jan 2012Hi tinku please tell me where you bought this fone from for les... moreFlip has it

  • Sagar

KiesAir is complicated to set up.
And the normal Kies doens't connect.

  • AnonD-14841

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2012A Samsung phone that's *gasp* Made in China? This is blas... moreThis is Samsung

  • kishanm77

AnonD-20380, 26 Jan 2012Its a best mobile within 20,000 INR Or $400 price got... moreHi tinku
please tell me where you bought this fone from for less than 20000 INR

  • Anonymous

Why is it that all these latest phones released by Samsung always so identical!

  • Nitro Galaxy sl

Does it have Corning gorilla glass?

  • AnonD-4204

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2012Superb phone . . . ! Go grab one for yourself a Galaxy Royale if... morecan u connect it to hd tv??

  • AnonD-4204

neon d god.., 26 Jan 2012Hey guys, i own this phone for abt a weak now, n i tell u, its w... morehi,does it have HDMI out??