Samsung Galaxy S II ICS review: Sugar coated

16 March 2012
The Samsung Galaxy S II has sold in record numbers worldwide and millions of users must've cheered the news of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update rolling out. The latest OS from Google is a new lease of life for the Galaxy S II...

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  • jihad

hi i want to ask why i have eco in sound when i use it not in loud speaker


my s2 mobile 100% then watching morning my s2 mobile charge 60% why broblem plz mail me rep

  • yogesh tiwari

Galaxy s2 is amazing

  • yogesh tiwari

Galaxy s2 is amazing

  • joks

why i cant find HDR and Burst mode options in camera?
JB 4.1.2
rooted to Jeboo kernel

  • AnonD-72691

Hi GSMArena, can you post another review for S2? This time with the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update. I believe it deserves another review. Thanks!

  • Anand


  • Anonymous

Thank galaxy i lake you

  • yuan

JB 4.1.2 now available

  • Fsl

M waiting for the update frm ICS to jelly bean. pls let me knw as soon as possible so that i can update my s2

  • Varun

ICS 4.04 has really made some improvement on the browser n battery life.
Though the UI is still the same, i expected something like the screen transitions to change like they have in the note.

  • tabron

egghead, 14 Aug 2012The upgrade to ICS made a whole lot of difference for my GS... morevery well said. updated today 4.0.4. updating process took almost a couple of hours but it is worthwhile.

  • Babul

Since the ICS 4.0.3 upgrade, the pictures and videos have started to seem a bit grainy..also a few of the application repeatedly crash and the battery seems to drain a bit faster than compared to Gingerbread.

  • AnonD-9740

Upgraded mine today . . . . WiFi issue surfaces.

  • Vinay

I m update my S II in 4.0.3
My camera is not working
When i open my camera it is show that camera is failed
Its a big issue for me

  • egghead

The upgrade to ICS made a whole lot of difference for my GS2. Its almost like having a new phone. I particularly like the improvements on the web browser. It's noticeably faster. The battery seems to last a little longer too. The update didn't seem to fill up the RAM too much since i still have about 831mb of user available memory (out of the 1GB).

I think i'm going to hold on to my SG2 a little bit longer until the SG4 arrives next year.

  • AnonD-65615

ohhhhhhhhhh i m so sorry, but ICS will not able available for i9003 MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

ICS and GB are nearly the same, except for very little bling bling stuff. enjoy GB man and dont cry!

  • Deep

Hi i updated my samsung galaxy s2 to ics 4 after updated my ram memory showed to 687mb.any reason why it reduced from 1gb to 687mb?

  • Joe_mst

Updated to ics 4.0.3 today.Had a slightly better battery life,love the face unlock and new chrome browser.

  • ghoul

ICS-based code.
Usability improved? Not quite sure.

Battery drains faster than ever!
Mail program limited scheduling & broken mail limit setting for multiple accounts.
Slower web browsing experience.

Seems like switching back to GB is a good idea.