Apple iPad 3 review: Hotter than ever

22 March 2012
So, the iPad is dead, long live the iPad. That's also part of the deal. The retirement of the first-generation of the Apple tablet is nothing out of the ordinary. There used to be the iPad and the iPad 2. Now, we have the iPad and the iPad 2 is the backup, the second choice...

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-46560, 15 Oct 2012its disadvantages say that no flash support in browser, and... moreNo,because with adobe u can play games on browser

  • afreen muskan.......

i like it......

  • wulff

I would like to get one

  • AnonD-46560

its disadvantages say that no flash support in browser, and many people consider this apple's drawbak, but guys in apple's website, they say new iOS 6 Safari supports html5, css 3 and javascript which enables rich graphics, animations and audio/video support in the safari browser (mac and ios both), isn't it a great alternative to adobe flash support??

  • 4get@bout!t

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2012Very limited to use, cannot arrange icons or make folders f... moreopen apps - 4 finger upward swipe
switch directly - 4 finger sideways swipe
directly goto home page - 5 finger pinch out

  • david hidamcha

buddy, 20 Jul 2012Guys.. I really need your opinions.. Should I buy the new i... morei have the same problem. if u solve this pliz tell me

  • Alistair

No flash is an advantage not a disadvantage!

  • buddy

Guys.. I really need your opinions.. Should I buy the new ipad or either samsung galaxy tab2 10.1?? Which of these satisfactory guaranteed??

  • Carl

Hello Good day,What do you mean,no flash support in web browsing

  • Anonymous

Very limited to use, cannot arrange icons or make folders for them, how to switch between open apps? How to close web page without push the button? You are married with appstore and ithunes.

  • Aayesha

baba, 25 Mar 2012very gr8Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear mesgsae!

  • Man 4444

There is no flash for camera? ?????? Bad

  • AnonD-61316

Apple products but why are they overpriced?

  • Rajesh

i just broked my 2 yr contract for my ipad 2 to be getting this new ipad 3 and many differense makes it very good!!!! i like how much bigger it is than old, big is better!! my frends say screen is not bigger than old but it is they just not are looking hard enough. and operate system is so much mor advanced than it is being before i am much liking added apps and menu!!!

  • Anonymous

KARAN, 19 Jun 2012i like it iPad is the King of tabelts


Anonymous, 16 Apr 2012"How's it hanging"... really, i mean seriously th... morei like it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2012Thanks to share your experiencei got and i love it, No need to share

  • Anonymous

i got it its Magical,,, recommend

  • AnonD-59489

Heard direct from Apple re Flash...

Aparrently Adobe are not interested in producing Flash for the mobile devices anymore. Even the software that makes flash now produces HTML5 easier than producing Flash.

  • rOOt

Yes, it has SIRI as we saw on IOS 6! (You should change the disavantage information about siri)