HTC One V review: Chin up

21 April 2012
The One series is the fresh new lineup of smartphones that helped HTC take the spotlight early in 2012. While the One S and One X are flexing muscle at each other as a way to stay sharp for the invasion of the other predators with multi-core processors...

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  • AnonD-30293

It's the cute lil' bro here =)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-13758, 22 Apr 2012Hey GSMARENA you wrote ONE S instead of ONE V Fully functi... moreother typos too.
editing widgets - the "edit" and "remove" buttons are at the *TOP* of the screen not bottom (that was on older HTC phones - Sense 3.x)

  • Anonymous

who cares about the benchmarks really

  • Kspiteri

Kudos for the unbiased review as always, but the only part i found unfair was the synthetic benchmarks, where the htc one v was compared to phones having much better hardware and higher prices than itself. Instead of comparing the htc one v to the galaxy s2 and htc one x & s, can we see comparison of the phone against the competitors in ITS price range? thx

  • Anonymous

A great phone for 299€ ...sweet ;) and love the ALUminium

  • roger

chin's back!!

  • Anonymous

I've read a few other reviews of this phone and they said you only get five home screens. In this review, however, you state that you can can have seven. Which is correct?

  • Anonymous

Lol, only 1gb user available?That sucks.

  • RejZoR

Actually it looks like a very nice phone. It's now all up to the price if the phone will be a success or not but still, it doesn't have that many downsides, 1GB internal memory is plenty (i had to live with 120MB on my Wildfire until i extended it with CM7.2 on my memory card), it looks nice and to be frank, dual cores are overrated. Do you really need it apart from running stupid benchmarks? 1GHz CPU and a dedicated GPU is to be considered high end. I had such config on Samsung Wave and i really couldn't complain about speed. It was smooth as silk. Camera is also surprisingly good. On the shadow side of the building there was a bit more noise and a lot of noise filtering going on, but on the bright side of the building there was quite some detail captured.
And best of all, it comes with ICS out of the box.

Again, if HTC will set the price right, i think this might be my new phone.

  • AnonD-13758

Hey GSMARENA you wrote ONE S instead of ONE V
Fully functional phonebook
The One S has HTC's all-knowing phonebook with deep social networking integration.

  • Anonymous

Competition should be Xperia Pro and Xperia Neo and these are extremely good value at the minute. Actually, the QWERTY on the Xperia Pro is so good that is blows absolutely everything else out of the water regardless of price.

  • AnonD-36731

Good review but pleeeeeease show benchmark comparisons against competing phones. The Xperia Neo V, Defy+, Desire S and Samsung Galaxy W would have been great to see next to this.

Lets hope that the Sola review at least compares against the One V.

The internet performance writeup is better than I have seen in other reviews but the benchmark shows it is not too quick.
I don't know if you tested with the Chrome browser also for benchmarks?

  • AnonD-542

The current competition should be the Xperia Neo V. Same specs...... Xperia got better looks, front camera too....
As far as gaming goes.....Modern Combat 3 will run smoothly in it.....what else can one ask for at this price?

  • AnonD-49883

[deleted post]wait for galaxy s2? R u out of ur mind? Funny fellow:)

  • partizan

second !!!! GO PARTIZAN :D nice mob btw...

I know its a budget phone, but no front camera is too low for me ..
Denied me from buying.