GSMArena feature labs: The tests

26 April 2012
The GSMArena Labs are tests designed to give an objective account of how a device performs in real-world scenarios. In short, it's about what you can expect from a gadget you're planning to buy. Our tests are constantly being developed...

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  • KAKA

Anonymus, 09 Aug 2019Your audio measurement equipment is seriously outdated and the m... moreTo improve same applications are autdated?

GSMArena? How will you explain this:
How come a phone with battery index 83 has more talk time, more web browsing, more video watching battery life THAN a phone with index 86 that had all three battery parts lesser ?

How this battery index is any good ?

  • Anonymus

Your audio measurement equipment is seriously outdated and the measurements don't reflect the actual quality that is available. Very misleading especially in the case of mobiles with built-in quad dac and such.


While testing the audio through the headphone jack, it would be very informative to take the Vrms measurements to indicate the drive capabilities of the output amp for high impedance headphones. Also the output impedance of the amplifier would be highly useful for IEMs.

Sorry late to the party. Not sure if this question has been asked. When you test loudspeakers, you take measurements with the handset loudspeaker facing the loudness meter at a distance of exactly 1m. What happens if you have a bottom firing speaker and an earpiece speaker?

  • Anonymous

Amount in Ghana I phone 6

  • Anonymous

Can you do tests on the extent to which an AMOLED dark mode would affect battery endurance? Would probably require a custom browser that has a built in dark mode feature (e.g. Samsung Browser) to see the full benefits but I think it would be an extremely useful metric in comparison to Light Modes/LCD screens, given how popular dark modes are

Cugar Shanlin, 19 Feb 2019hi GSMArena, it would be very helpfull if you could measure t... moreOutput signal from that port is AC voltage. Why you would want it in mW?

Can you release a Display table tool like the battery life test? At this point Noia 9 pureview is the record setter for large screen smartphone Sunlight legibility, oddly with a lower maximum brightness. I would like to and be able to compare/contrast devices in this category.

  • Cugar Shanlin

hi GSMArena,

it would be very helpfull if you could measure the output power of the headphone jack in mWatt.

  • Anonymous

How do u screeshot pages

  • Peter

Would anyone know whether or not there is difference in performance between n950fd vs n950f dual and single sim model?
Many thanks in advance.

My phone has worst battery life it will become fast as to low battery

  • AnonD-204150

For my opinion
in order to measure how much longer battery life is
In common everyday life usage
1. Calling
2. Web browsing (SOT of Web browsing)
3. Youtube
(SOT of youtube video playback)
4. Gaming (SOT of gaming)
5. Camera(Photo/Video) (SOT of Camera)
Battery fully charged 100% and turn max brightness100%
calling, until battery down to 1%
follow the same procedure for web browsing, youtube, gaming and camera.
Finally test its 3G/4G standby time
That are what everyone needs to know.

  • Anonymous

I think GsmArena battery life synthethic tests have something wrong:
- accordig to your table, with the standard 3 hours of use per day, most of modern phones fall in the 75h-100h bracket, that is about 3-4 full days. I never heard anyone in real life whose phone can last so long, nor close. Usually people are happy if they can last 1 full day, the luckiest get half the second day.
- looking to the single phones some strange results come out at first glance: there are some phones well-known for their extraordinary battery life (e.g. BB KeyOne) that fall down in the pack anonymously, others like the Huawei Mate(s) where the 8 is much better than the newer 9 and 10, that’s unlikely. These are just the most evident.

I don’t want to directly compare your results to other site’s, i know the test methods are different, but when i tried to find phones with good battery life i looked at reviews and “charts” in various sites, among them the two famous, but looking at yours i was surprised by the strange differences in many phones’ rankings.

Maybe your tests are too artificially built, I don’t think those phones actually last 3-4 full days on a single charge on a real life environment (3G/4G data connection always on, not browsing on limited pages probably in cache after the first time, etc...).
Do they really last for days before you publish any battery test?

  • Anonymous

any update on this list?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2017Apologies if this has been asked before but with the loudness of... moreI came here for the exact same reason. Maybe the other measurements indicate this? Either way,it would be great with a comparable number for each handset.

  • Twobeer

There is a very important battery benchmark missing.. And that is the battery time when gaming. An easy way to test would be to run a CPU/GPU benchmark like geekbench and Antutu over and over until the battery dies, to get an estimate of the battery time for intensive use... The current benchmarks for video, browsing are very easy to be tweaked by phone-makers.. Running a long-running max-benchmark (that the vendors also want to look good at, when they compare performance) will ensure that both the CPU/GPU benchmarking scores are kept honest and that battery times are valid even fro intensive usage.

  • Anonymous

Apologies if this has been asked before but with the loudness of the outputs from the line out jack is there any way you can put an actual figure to this rather than just saying it's loud or not very loud? I'm sure your test equipment will give you an output waveform so would be good to see these for comparison.

  • nozir uddin

j7 2017