GSMArena feature labs: The tests

26 April 2012
The GSMArena Labs are tests designed to give an objective account of how a device performs in real-world scenarios. In short, it's about what you can expect from a gadget you're planning to buy. Our tests are constantly being developed...

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  • AnonD-170990
  • RI8
  • 24 Aug 2013

I'm a little disappointed with the battery life test, as with many other users, I believe that when watching movies, the brightness should be set 100% and an HD video playback, since most users will be watching in that definition. Lastly,I find it odd that nobody has mentioned how inaccurate it would be to leave it in airplane mode while watching a video. I believe that most of us will watch videos on our phone while airplane mode is off. The next tests should have all these in for a more accurate reading. Otherwise, the ideology of testing battery life would be redundant. The idea of turning on airplane mode while watching is as if you're trying to save the battery life when battery life tests are all about how quick tasks drains batteries, please do change the concept.

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    • AnonD-167171
    • t1$
    • 20 Jul 2013

    Annie, 02 Jul 2012I'm garetful you made the post. It's cleared the air for me.Headset not performing well can uuu give any suggestions pls

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      • auto
      • f3P
      • 24 Jun 2013

      my battery is giving problems wen i switch it on it shows a sign of a battery,caution and termometer and it takes tym to switch on.what's wrong?

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        • AnonD-133752
        • t7L
        • 09 Jun 2013

        where is the review for 2460mAh battery of L7-II (p713)

        come on GsmArena... we are waiting.......

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          • Anonymous
          • 3sE
          • 21 Apr 2013

          I have a 9320 bought it new. Have it for a month. The battery dies down very. Quick.

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            • Sausage
            • pd6
            • 13 Apr 2013

            I'm really happy with your tests, especially battery test is important for me. But I'm asking only two improvements to it:

            1. Don't favor dim screens but put them at about the same brightness, for example 400 nits, most displays can do it (except for some Samsung AMOLEDs). Or maybe 300 for AMOLEDs and 400 for LCDs and IPS' since at least I've noticed that more contrast means that screen doesn't have to be as bright to be comfortable as with lower contrast.

            2. Show us the exact standby consumption. I understand that you don't have time to wait the whole battery to drain in standby but you can tell us the consumption in milliamperes.

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              • Mildred
              • Le}
              • 12 Mar 2013

              That's relaly thinking of the highest order

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                • Marius512
                • MMZ
                • 21 Feb 2013

                It would be best to be able to filter all the phones ( or to sort them in descending order) BY BATTERY LIFE.
                Because for me this is the first thing that matters (I'm sure that for most people).
                Thanks anywway.

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                  • Samik Chavda
                  • v$A
                  • 11 Feb 2013

                  This is exactly what I wanted. Its best battery review on any website.

                  It would be generous of you if you answer few queries,
                  While browsing internet did u used 3G network?
                  Location of testing and service provider?
                  Exact resolution of video played?

                  Samik Chavda.

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                    • Baby Doll
                    • tZk
                    • 01 Jan 2013

                    i need to know how to delete the folder in galaxy III fon ?? because my fren download one folder which is not good even i delete through use computer oso cannot its still there...already show to many shop still cannot...there must be a solution for this problem. please advise me !!!

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                      • AnonD-77183
                      • 2@m
                      • 19 Nov 2012

                      would it be possible to have an additional video test with 720p mkv movies.
                      i think a lot of people download 720p content rather than SD content and with the latest smartphones capable of even 1080p mkv playback it doesnt make much sense to test video playback with sd content

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                        • zizou
                        • fpJ
                        • 26 Oct 2012

                        The only difference that i can c between SII /SIII vs HTC is the battery life is better for any Galaxy

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                          • AnonD-74699
                          • s}a
                          • 06 Oct 2012

                          Is it possible to provide more detail testing procedure ?

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                            • AnonD-62333
                            • fXD
                            • 05 Oct 2012

                            AnonD-36731, 23 May 2012I was about to post something similar. Using 50% is an awf... moreagree ,

                            the screen should view a white page and adjust brightness to obtain defined amount of lux per 1 inch (not tofavour large screens) , thatbrightness level will be the test level, then the web and the movie shouldn't be very dark nor very bright.

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                              • david
                              • 4MX
                              • 27 Sep 2012

                              it is impressive to see so professional comparison, I wonder is it possible to list the output impedance of compared phones? because impedance will affect the output power.

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                                • AnonD-72390
                                • f0x
                                • 19 Sep 2012

                                Anonymous, 22 Aug 2012Fast track pro? seriously?Hahaha, my thoughts exactly...! How about an Apogee Duet or something?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • vGk
                                  • 22 Aug 2012

                                  Fast track pro? seriously?

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                                    • Harper
                                    • xgh
                                    • 05 Aug 2012

                                    Paul, 12 May 2012Hello GSMARENA, it would be nice to have an interactive da... moreI kinda have to choose,either a PS3 or a phone(Xperia Play).I'm still in a big demlia as I like portable gaming but I also like the PS3.It can happen all type of shit till summer and just not get the console at all,let alone I can get a job for the summer and then get my console,even though I wait for the summer all year and just waste it doing something instead of finally wasting time like I like it's kinda hard for me to digest.

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                                      • Michaela
                                      • PNn
                                      • 04 Aug 2012

                                      boybawang, 12 May 2012Dear gsmarena, Please specify the resolution and bitrate... more+2This is a very good move from SE. They're kind of leading the way here, psoriming updates for their whole line-ups ahead of time. I wish more manufacturers did that. But SE really needs to get their act together regarding hardware, too. They always seem to use 1 year old processors, like they're RIM or Nokia. I expect better from a top Android manufacturer. Plus, they need to make all their phones as slim as the Arc (or slimmer). Most of their phones, especially the lower-end ones are still as bulky as they were in 2005. Unacceptable. I do like that they kind of have their own design style, there, though. That's respectable. But if they really want to be taken seriously by Android customers, they need to up their game in the hardware department, too.

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                                        • Aryenna
                                        • 35t
                                        • 02 Jul 2012

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