Sony Xperia P review: Ironclad

1 June 2012
Sealed in an aluminum unibody but still oozing the new NXT series style, the Sony Xperia P joins an elite club of metal-clad phones. And then there's the WhiteMagic screen to make it unique in the mobile world. In short, the Xperia P is one of...

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  • guy

review says phone shows poor black is that really true?

  • AnonD-36731

Blondy_Latvia, 02 Jun 2012if they make white screen to save baterry life.. way they baterr... moreIt is not as bad as they make out. It is just the result of a VERY poor test method and VERY poor displaying of results.
If they wrote the display brightness on the battery test output you would be very surprised. Again, at a 50% brightness setting the Xperia P puts out 50% more brightness than a Galaxy S2.

Considering the S2 only lasted 10% longer browsing I would say that the S2 at the same brightness output is worse.
Same or the phone test if the screen was off (and not putting out 50% more brightness) then it would probably beat the S2. So only the video is poor.

  • AnonD-36731

Bilou, 01 Jun 2012Just read the GSMarena review... Very low speaker, terrible batt... moreIt's not a 'terrible battery', it's just a mediocre battery made to look worse by a poor battery test. Read the comments against the test method.

The screen is 50% brighter than the S2 and 100% brighter than the Sensation when set to 50%. The battery comparison details do not even mention the brightness output (really the tests should be done on the same brightness).
GSMarena should go to more of an effort to point that out as the Browsing and Video playback times will be greatly effected.
Also when do the phone call battery test is the screen off or on? The Xperia P turns the display off (as most new phones do) when next to the ear.

  • AnonD-36731

AnonD-55045, 01 Jun 2012The Xperia line is getting more confusing and weird as each day ... morehaha, nothing can surpass the zillion model Samsung range and their continual reuse and reordering of the same labels to avoid obsolescence by tricking consumers into not knowing what is a superseded model.

  • AnonD-36731

Great review. Very interesting comment about the charger. I noticed that if I order one from overseas they provide the original charger with an adapter rather than just an alternate charger so as you say it may be needed for fast charge.

The battery test is really disappointing though as 50% is meaningless across phones. Can you please provide a comparison with the Sola, Xperia S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy, Galaxy S Advance and One V at the same brightness OUTPUT ?

Only odd thing is the One S being considered a direct competitor. The One S is much taller, wider, larger screen, more powerful and more expensive. It's a completely different phone that needs to compete with the Xperia S.

Incidentally the Xperia P and One V are about the same size. The Xperia P costs a lot more but that a lot more included in the size.

My only complaints with the Xperia P specs is that I would have preferred it to be slightly shorter and have a slightly larger battery. I think they could have achieved both those things by not providing a curved back but rather a uniform 10.5mm thickness.

  • Jake

Jackskellington6sic6, 02 Jun 2012Just did. In almost every sinario the S3 took much better detail... moreWell if you don know here is the info for you .

They both using sensor from sony . And ur brand loyalty make them different .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2012Gingerbread? Poor battery life? No thank you.That's not the deal with this phone, this is the deal: ICS update in 2 month, the screen's brightness never needs to be set on 50% especially indoors

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2012I was thinking and I figured the test was done in 50% brightness... morethe least possible (correction, Swype ruined it sry!!)

  • Anonymous

Gingerbread? Poor battery life? No thank you.

  • _Engel_

ICS update is not far, it's here, v4.0.4 was already deployed for Xperia several phones.

  • Anonymous

I was thinking and I figured the test was done in 50% brightness which according to this review is too much for this phone with its white sub-pixels sooooo my guess is its battery is more reliable in everyday use, especially for a user like me, I have a desire right now and except for the times I get out of my home, my brightness is the last possible. And I'm gonna buy this phone as a replacement to mt HTC Desire.

  • Anonymous

I really like this phone that's why I'm reading and looking for the phone's review as much as I can, at least to lessen some questions in my mind. But some things lead me to even more confusion like the battery, other reviews would tell that though it has a smaller capacity it can still be used quite longer. Here, it seems like they are not that satisfied( ofcourse no one will be satisfied as battery life is one of the common weaknesses of smartphones), but at least this one's quite better. Also, the inclusions in the package; others have a small microfiber cloth, a screen protector, and a Micro HDMI cable aside from the charger and earphone.

  • To_gsmarena

"Our battery test came to a different conclusion though, finding the Xperia P endurance to be less than stellar. The smartphone scored an overall endurance rating of 28h, which is some way of the best in class."

Do you mean 'way OFF the best in class?'

Also, plug_in-YEAR-bud.
You mean EAR-bud

  • AnonD-57294

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2012jealousyou make me laugh sami fanboy! and I didn't even ask you!

  • ronhambog

nice design...i always like the design of SE phones!!!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-57294, 02 Jun 2012really like the look... doesn't look cheap like Samsung line... ... morejealous

  • bogdan

the new series from sony are a big disappointment

  • Alex

Awesome smartphone

  • yawn

Why all Sony model have the same form-factor? Its kind of boring. Im was huge SE-fanboy but these new Sonys dont get me excited.

  • AnonD-57294

really like the look... doesn't look cheap like Samsung line...

my question is... how it's compared to the ARC S, is it worth the change? especially in battery and performance!