Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 review: Happy meal

6 June 2012
Samsung are back to basics and they say there's always room for one more in the low end. Especially one that doesn't take too much space. The Galaxy Pocket makes the Galaxy Mini look like it's on steroids and the Y series like a bunch of semi pros...

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  • drop.dead

i want this phone ! :) i really liked it.

  • th3d

Its too slow, now with the reduced prices of Xperia Mini you get a processor thats more than twice as fast for just a few bucks extra. Remember Galaxy Pocket has an ARM11 processor, which is more than twice as slow per MHz than scorpio/A8 and other modern processors. ARM11 is hopelessly outdated, do not waste mone on this old fashion stuff, it does not have the required performance to run many common apps, far less most newer games.

  • :D

Its a great phone! :D

  • blankman

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2012Even this can do more than an iPhone...'Even this can do more than an iPhone...'

Care to back up your dumb Apple hating comment with facts?

I thought not.

  • AnonD-291

GSMarena, where is ace 2 review ????

  • Anonymous

Good review but was it more worth reviewing than the much powerful and reasonably priced Sony xperia u???

  • boosook

I really can't understand how people could buy this phone or say that it's good for the price... get an xperia mini from 2011 and for more or less the same price you'll have a phone that sits in a completely different category (better screen, better camera, better cpu/gpu, more memory... everything) and can be upgraded to ICS.
Don't care? Want to use it just as a phone? Get an xperia x10 mini... though it is more than 2 years old, you'll have the same performance and at least you'll have a better camera...

  • smart/man

I bought this phone a week ago, and till now it is more smarter than i thought. Below 10K it is the best phone.

  • Gary

Good to use as a music player.

  • Anonymous

Even this can do more than an iPhone...

  • geek143

for the price it is good.. but considering that you can get a descent mid range phone from last year with far better specs than this one, it would be a foolish decision to go for an inferior phone. Samsung has to go with apple strategy.. rather than releasing very low spec phone every week, they should reduce the price of their old phones and support them with updates..

  • daisy

Samsung galaxy pocket is a cool phone but the battery life is tooooo short!!!!

  • AnonD-2663

The Nokia and HTC handsets pictured at the end outclass it in every sense

  • AnonD-56924

240x320 screen and android, seriously? I'll rather stick to the 20€ dumy phone untill I would have money for real smartphone. Also, you could just by something used and twice better...

Where are now all those Sammy fans which are so loud when other brand release something low budget: "oh my god it's not dual core, it doesn't have this or that"...

  • TOZI

Great phone guys thats true


this phone looks like a child's phone to me

  • Tozi

singh, 06 Jun 2012Having a capacitive touchscreen in a fone like this is a bi... moreYoh it doesnt look like my tipe, its too childish

  • Anonymous

Link to download video sample doesn't work....

  • singh

Having a capacitive touchscreen in a fone like this is a big plus while considering a phone of lower segment.
I just realized its the first comment. Neways the phone looks ok.