Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 review: Happy meal

6 June 2012
Samsung are back to basics and they say there's always room for one more in the low end. Especially one that doesn't take too much space. The Galaxy Pocket makes the Galaxy Mini look like it's on steroids and the Y series like a bunch of semi pros...

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  • paci

can whatsap be installed in it


How to delete the patron on the mobile

  • Isabelita

How can I delete pictures and videos using USB Cable connected to computer from my Samsung GT-S5300L.. I only can delete one by one and it is very slow...

  • ortega

Am using 5300 but once i download apps from google play there z unnecesary vibration.whats problem

  • Anonymous

I forget my password/pattern to unlock my can I retrieve my pattern

  • Som

Those who are not familiar with android experience this is a starter for them. It will make you more experienced in android world so that u can use higher version easily...Still I will give it 8.5 out of 10. For beginner in android world this is one of the best phone.


Am now still using GALAXY S2 and I need few month to change this into S5300 It is realy phone of vision
please purchase those also here in Rwanda.

  • jake

I love samsung pocket and i made it so fast and even when the ram is 20mb below i can still use it in a very good condition . .

  • juju

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2013Does this support SDHC memory card 16Gb???ofc not it only accepts micro SD card

  • Anonymous

Comment installe l'OPERA MINU du samung GT-553000

  • prajeesh

this phone so good. how to enable Malayalam fond?

  • Anonymous

I wanted to buy dis ph but I see so much dislikes about it,is it really good? Because I really love it but am thinking twice.

  • sonu

My phone screen pattern is lock and its not unlock by my google ac plz say me if any other option for unlock it

  • Anonymous

Does this support SDHC memory card 16Gb???

  • DIAX

My galay pocket gets off automaticall every 3,4 mins and cannot delete the instant upload what can i do ? Pls help me

  • doya

My internet network isnt stable.after few minutes of usage,i need to off and on it before i can access the come and what do i do since its been 4days now i bought it.thanks

  • jessica

How to cancel software update installation in my galaxy pocket, pop ups was coming for software update installation.there was warning that phone cannot be used during installation even for emergency calls. then i pressed the cancel installation button but whenever im using my phone it still pops up? help me!!

  • Anonymous

Anderson, 07 Feb 2013I love my samsung Galaxy pocket. But their are some feature... moreThe app is free not airtime!!

  • Anonymous

i lyk d this model

  • imran

I want now the wich model gelexy poket sport whats up please give reply thanks