Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 review: Happy meal

6 June 2012
Samsung are back to basics and they say there's always room for one more in the low end. Especially one that doesn't take too much space. The Galaxy Pocket makes the Galaxy Mini look like it's on steroids and the Y series like a bunch of semi pros...

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  • poty

I like the phone

  • hari

Hi frnds, i am planning to bye s 5300. But i am worry about camera quality! Does it gives like nokia 3.15 mp. Quality? And does its work for skype phone? Please help me,

  • Anonymous

Too those who struggle with airtime usage, buy data instead of airtime if you wish to use it to browse, switch off automatic updates. this will make airtime usage drastically better!

  • khie

Peto, 25 Dec 2012Can I download whatsapp?Just bought the phone,network a problem but can I use wassup and and I personalise my songs as ringingtone and alarm

  • Anonymous

vogy, 27 Jan 2013Hi, I am in the market for new phones for the wife and I, I... moreYou can buy this brother ...its much better than nokia asha 306..thr we dont hav android and 3G is much better..

  • vishu

I want to buy galaxy pocket but all comment are confused me please help me wich handsent i buy

  • Calderon

My facebook application in my samsung galaxy pocket is not fastest for loding.wat can i do?@sometimes network error for internet connection.

  • Anonymous

My playstore is no longer working

  • Anderson

I love my samsung Galaxy pocket. But their are some features that I dislike like when I put on my airtime it takes all of it before I can use the internet. When using google play store it says the apps is free but when I accept and download it takes all my money please help :(

  • Kim

First samsung phone ive ever had.. Well the phone didnt fail me .. Next top up phone is ace 2 :)

  • mahesh(mk)

kp, 21 Sep 2012I am planning to buy this phone for my kid. I have one quer... moreRam is 289 MB... Good cell

  • vogy

Hi, I am in the market for new phones for the wife and I, I have gone through the coments and some good some bad, can some one tell me if this phone is worth buying or is it better to look at another phone, like the nokia asha 306 at the same price

  • silver

Ma phone battery cannot go more than a day. Advise.very inconveniencing

  • Peto

Can I download whatsapp?

  • Roland

I like this phone, but I have problem with the network, it keep going off network every now and then, I have to restart it like 2 to 4 times a day.
Pls. Any solution.

  • pino

Does this phone tell you that you have a msg in facebook and twitter? I wanna buy it!!!

  • Florence-KENYA

Am planning to purchase this phone next week for my x-mas gift surprise,i believe tha phone won't dissapoint me.

  • prettibebe

can galaxy ping wit BlackBerry?

  • mariud

Where can I learn more about the icons for S5300 ? Please reply

  • The Dong

Can this phone recognize handwriting?