LG Optimus 4X HD P880 review: Firing on all fours

29 June 2012
Last year LG was in pole position in the dual-core game with the Optimus 2X. It was the phone everyone looked up to, before there was a Galaxy S II and before there was an HTC Sensation. There was obviously no rush this time although, to be fair, LG did announce well on time...

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  • AnonD-487230

I remember when i took it at 2012 then i had and iphone 3gs jailbroken i was so excited because it had a 720p display and quad core cpu now even a quadhd display and 8 core cou don't impress me anymore (writing this on my samsung galaxy s6 edge+)

  • Anonymous

michal, 25 Jul 2013Don't buy this phone because it has too many issues! I own... moreYeah, i have that issues too, i have own this phone for almost 2 years, i bought it when its first launch, for my opinion
Good things :
* elegant looking body phone.
* great camera at day (especially primary camera).
* great display.
* flash is too bright.
* good looking ui.
* sometime really fast (about 10-30% of my life using this phone in my opinion)
* bright screen
* high density screen
* fast processor (but when air plane mode is on, when you turn off the air plane mode it come back in to just so so phone)

Bad things :
* this phone is in my opinion about 70-90% slow, seriously slow almost everytimes, especially when i typing, turning on the internet, th UI is too slow, in rotating screen, when swiping your photo in galery, in calculating internal storage , in taking photos, when playing games (this one is little bit rare).
* very bad camera at afternoon until night, or in low light area, especially secondary camera (the secondary is just a whole totally mess when in low light, you can't see your own face).
* too easy to get hot, when i use it normally, and it is easy to get very2 hot, when playing games.
* sometime it wanna totally hang or lag by it self (there is no unnecessary app in my phone).
* scanning media files take too long time, and because of that sometimes i can't open galery, especially when open camera, wanna listen to music.
* shut down by itself because suddenly the phone in total lag (sometimes), or it shut down it self (very rarely).
* battery drain so fast.
* this phone always lost connection or s.o.s for some period of time, and especially when battery at 20-40% sometimes at 60-80%, and when this come, this phone is in totally mess, it hang or lag (i don't know about this one, maybe this is happening to other phone, but i think other phone doesn't lag when this come).

I'm not trolling, if you wanna buy this phone, it is okay, it is your own choice, but i warn you, some troubles like i mentioned before maybe will come.

So I suggest you to buy other LG phone, like LG G2 and G3, in my opinion only that two phone is the real high quality phone and the REAL phone in LG, or other phone.

For solution when troubles come, here some :
* when it almost always lag, or it is starting to laggy, use clean master or GO toucher pro
* when UI too slow, just change it with another launcher, like GO, smart launcher, adw launcher, etc, but i suggest you nova launcher
* when scanning media files takes too long time to scan, when you wanna taking some photo, use camera app, like camera zoom fx, camera 360, etc, but i suggest you to use camera 360, when wanna hear music, use rocket player
* to reduce baterry consumption and reduce the slowness of this phone, you can use the app from LG that disable 2 cores of your phone, i'm forget the name of the app, but you can search it on internet (actually, that app doesn't help me at all, but others say it helpful, so i suggest you)

Hope this information is helpful
Sorry for bad english, i'm indonesian

  • AnonD-248487

When you will make kitkat for lg optimus p880

  • AnonD-208812

Juan, 27 Feb 2013Hi, I just received my new 4X HD from amazon.com and aft... moreJuan, that's not just a spanish idiom. We use it in American English as well, only we say that it was "child's play" to suggest something was very easy. It basically means the same thing though.

  • eve

How do you stop the sound when you press i dont want there to be a sound when i press the record button but i dont know how to do it? :S

  • Anonymous

I just got this phone yesterday. And it has worked great so far, it's fast and the UI looks got ( from my POV ) and it runs apps with no trouble at all, my only complaint so far is the camera, I think lg should have put some more effort doing the camera (it feels like a 3 MP camera ) other than that it's a great phone and I'd happily recomend it to a friend

  • michal

Don't buy this phone because it has too many issues!
I own an Xperia T which I've bought for similar price and it is soo much better apart from screen.
*I've never had a phone with such a bad GPS. It takes ages to get a fix and then it is very easy to lose it.
*Audio quality is horrible! (It is comparable to another lg phone I own (lg p500).) There is a lot of background noise.
*Phone is slow. It is good when I use a single app but sluggish on switching to another app.
*UI is slow.
*There is an occasional stutter while playing youtube videos.
*It gets very hot while doing normal tasks. (I don't use phone for games).
*It drains battery really fast (lasts a day).
*Camera is a joke compared to Xperia T's.
*The only things I like about this phone are screen and build quality.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2012nope LG product is great! theyre not crappy, the only crapp... moreLOL, being called behind Samsung in terms of software update is already a compliment. Samsung's specialty is its consistent updating (well unless you buy really low-end phones. Mid-ranges like Ace 2 and S advance are still being updated to jellybean)

  • OvidiuRO

Hey I.have.this device from half a day,I.have Android.4.0.3 Icecream Sandwich and.my battery is so weak.O come.from a Galaxy S2 with 2000mAh battery but it lasts a full day..Vor can I rezolv this? THANKS!!

  • amirtss

can this phone suppOrt {USB ON THE GO} OR NO please answer asap

  • AnonD-13788

H Guys, i know it's probably asked every week, but has the auto focus issues been resolved on the video. If not how on earth can you use the video.

  • AnonD-3713

"Tegra 3 CPUs are built on 40nm process, while Exynos uses 32nm"


  • AnonD-120783

Hey guys jellybean update is leaked!

You can get it by following links. Instructions are included in the archive.


  • Juan


I just received my new 4X HD from amazon.com and after using/testing it for a couple of days I can tell I'm really satisfied.

First of all, migration from my GBread Samsung was a kids game (sorry — Spanish idiom). I used MyPhoneExplorer to backup and sync all my vital data to and fro. The rest was moved through a WiFi network connection and with the valuable help of the File Manager app.

The first thing I noticed was it's sleekness and reduced weight, which was almost the same of my old Samsung (0"7 smaller screen). Then you notice that the large and crystal-clear screen it wears is really accurate and easy to read from. I have not found yet any brightness/contrast issues, even under the sunlight.

Using it, many operations which were smooth and slow — even those I blamed on sluggish network connections became really immediate ones, lacking that prior nonsense smoothness.

I'm still geting used to the new UI, but it's being quite straightforward except for a couple of details.

About the audio issue: I did not find it as bad as described in the review. Could it be due either to a HW improvement — which not look feasible — or to a test unit-related problem, but it does not happen with mine. The built-in speaker quality is that of a high-end transistor radio, as most of them. Then, through my 2.1 speakers it releases a wide range response and good quality, comparable to my other MP3 platforms — iPhone 3GS, Creative ZEN, Nokia xPressMusic and the Samsung. Should I connect my Sennheiser headphones, the frequency response is extended and I can hear solid but controlled bass and clear, quite transparent and detailed mid to high-frequency response.

I won't say it's audiophile-grade, but for me it's a good source enough to listen through your home or car hifi/stereo.

I will update if relevant.


  • AnonD-117928

I just recently bought the LG 4X HD at E-bay at a good price.This cellphone rocks and overall great value. It's blazing fast and has a ton of features. It's really handsome and stylish. And it's right up there with the best of them. Check it out!

  • Guillermo Cornejo

It is not true that this smartphone Offer bad audio, much depends on the headphones you use and also have to take into account that the native music application provides 7-band equalizer, few devices have this feature, I must say that the sound is good both in the headphones as the speaker or plug in a pair of high-powered speakers, excuse my bad English

  • devil

can i make a video call

  • jpmobile

AnonD-64489, 27 Jul 2012Guys, I need some help here I'm dying to get this beast b... moreFor me in quality LG is the best..

Dear Gsmarena, please make the audio test again. I would like to see if the results will be the same. Who wants to buy a phone which has a terrible audio quality?

  • Guddu

Umang (India), 11 Sep 2012Shame shame...my sgs2 scoring 51.6 fps running ics..go fr s... moreS2 WVGA resolution= 51fps
O4X HD (720p)resolution=51fps
if u hav some knowledge about GPU then guess who's the winner..