Google Nexus 7 review: Catching Fire

15 August 2012
Google's Nexus line has welcomed its first tablet, the Nexus 7. With a promise of solid specs for a low price, the ASUS-made tablet is poised to storm the Android tablet market and maybe even steal a chunk of Apple iPad's market share. The Nexus 7 is...

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  • AnonD-482651

After using this device less than a year with all taking care of it no scratch, no hardware defect, sending positive reviews here in GSMarena, sending positive updates on its firmware. I AM NOW TAKING THEM BACK X( . You can only enjoy this device because its new into your eye,s its specs are high nothing compare to other cheap devices. But, once you use this thing you will notice the huge negative of this device.
For me there are two important thing that I need in a tablet since I am a gamer;
>Touch sensor is UNSTABLE/MALFUNCTIONING -> first you will not notice, reading, browsing, but while i'm playing using this device its giving an insane touch sensor malfunction ALWAYS (take note, my internet connection 1 Gbps) so i don't suspect it. I tried to check and troubleshooting the issue but like i said nothing wrong physically, in firmware it is updated and working fine no issues on power, display, sounds, etc,.

>WiFi range seems too high in specs but in reality annoyingly too weak -> literally weak

DO NOT BUY this unit. besides, to see is to believe, but i informed you.

Recommendation: Buy samsung, apple, LG, or lenovo brand

Hell this device, waste of money buying this.

  • Julie

How do you get the camera to work.

  • sweetnelacs

Problem in charging almost 12 hour before full can i fix it?

  • Hlala

I want to download wantsapp

  • madamjan

I got this tablet together with my brother. Mine started making problems with charging. In the service they told me that the mother board is dead....but the tablet didnt start at all after the service??? Were they lying? Could the charging boeard is problem? How can I check up? The battery part is heating during charging but nothing on the screen and doesnt starts.
My brothers taablet after while did the same.

  • no usb mass storage

It says no usb mass storage, does it means we can't transfer data between pc and nexus ?

  • AnonD-214282

can i connect my pendrive via usb otg?

  • Anonymous

A very good review. Really informative and educative. Thanks.

  • LOL

Confused between this and note 8.0. the n 10.1 is way to huge for me. any suggestions? or should i buy ipad 4?

  • AnonD-145722

Can anyone tell me if the back comes off the nexus 7? And where the sim card goes? How do you recharge it so I'm not using all the data on my phone from Wi-Fi?

  • AnonD-138088

Dear Reviewer,
For Indians, the connectivity is not possible to meet via only WiFi. We rely on 3G more so a SIM slot is what expected. Hope it will be launched soon. As of now the 16GB version is what I saw first in Play Store today.

  • Anonymous

I tether mine through a WiFi hotspot from my RAZR I, or even better via Bluetooth which gives better battery life. Instant mobile broadband on the nexus 7

  • EA1UR

Naim, 16 Jan 2013GSM arena Review says nexus 7 has wifi direct and hot spot ... moreI dont see the option to make a hot spot (Thethering)

  • junrey

Eimo9090, 02 Dec 2012i bought google nexus 7 32 GB with 3G from at&t and cur... moreyes

  • Naim

GSM arena Review says nexus 7 has wifi direct and hot spot feature. Does it really have these features? Is it typo error?

  • AnonD-95845

Is it possible to get an updated review on the hardware, software changes on the Nexus 7?

  • AnonD-89157

Can I connect pen drive to nexus7.. pls someone help me out

  • Eimo9090

i bought google nexus 7 32 GB with 3G from at&t and currentling i'm in another currently and i want to use my 3g but unfournatley there is no at&t here and i want to buy another 3g card but i was told that the bandwidth of at&t is 1900 and here is 2100 and that this new one wont work on my nexus, the question is will it work on the at&t nexus or not, does at&t nexus support international bandwidth

  • the good people

Google Nexus 7 review: Catching Fire, in nigeria we say "as e dey hot" (as its hot)............i love this machine

  • Eilrahc

AnonD-54902, 19 Aug 2012the nexus 7 sucks... its disadvantage are important!!! t... moreLOL. Fanboys sure are funny.