Nokia N80 vs. Sony Ericsson K800: 3 megapixel shootout

29 April 2006
The first Nokia 3 megapixel camera phone, N80, just hit the market. The Sony Ericsson K790/K800 might follow soon and it comes with the famous Cyber-shot logo. We decided that it will be interesting to test the photo capabilities of the two phones head to head. Sony Ericsson K750 joins the party.

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  • Alfee

Well.... Compared to the 3mp camera phones, the K750 is pretty close.... WOO GO K750 YEAH!!! WOOO!!! Comparison of the k750 and other 2mp camera phones please?

  • Venkat

Can I get a comparision between N93 and K800 photo quality??

  • yoncy

It's certaqinly SE beats NOKIA.!!! SE is the best.

  • OKS

Thanks for the comparison. Helped alot! just bought a n91 and didnt like it at all (lag in processing time and video callin doesnt allow u to see the other person if camera is focused on u). Now lookin at the n80, K800 and the SAmsung Z710. Pleasseee do a comparison with the Z710 so i dun buy no stupid phone again. thanks

  • Anonymous

Exellent review, very impartial. I was looking to upgrade my sharp gx30i and was aiming my sights at the N Series. This has confirmed my initial assumptions and helped me make an informed choice before putting down my hard earned cash. Thnx.

  • Anonymous

Thank you for this great review.
I love the K series and for me it was a shame that last year the K750 came with no 3G capability. How could they do that with such a great phone in this 3G era??? when in the same period lower range phones like the V600 had it.
With the K800, am fully happy again and excited as I was 2 years ago with the release of the K700. As I am due for upgrade in about 2 months, I hope by that time it will be available.
As a plastic surgeon in training, I am also excited that I won't need to carry a phone and a camera anymore.
I pray SE has also improved the phonebook capacity on this phone. 500 entries is ridiculously small.


For me always remains nokia as the best handy, because it has meher programs and camera one can always exchange mehere of such things and biltzlciht

  • Powermiguel

I wasnīt be sure about my new phone. I would like a phone with a 3Mp camera, mp3...And after read your review, Iīm going to wait
the new SE phone. With the red eyes cheking and the image stabilizer, I think is the perfect phone for take pictures in the disco or in this moments that you donīt have your camera...Great work!!

  • Anonymous

K series Rockzz

  • Aligatorka

K800 Incredible phone whit a great camera (3.2 megapixel)!!! I will buy it! Thanks 4 the test!

  • David

Great comparison, i was sure i wanted the n80 before having read this. I would certainly wait for the Sony Ericsson if it wasn't for the poor video, i don't suppose that this will improve before release? I may still be tempted to go for the n80 but i'm now debating whether to go for the n93 which comes out later and isn't as good to look at but has amazing video capabilities.

  • sergius

congratulations for SE !! realy camera with phone, rather than phone with camera.

  • Anonymous

gr8 review, it'll help me decide my upgrade :) ... 2 me video iz more important so n80 it is