Nokia N80 vs. Sony Ericsson K800: 3 megapixel shootout

29 April 2006
The first Nokia 3 megapixel camera phone, N80, just hit the market. The Sony Ericsson K790/K800 might follow soon and it comes with the famous Cyber-shot logo. We decided that it will be interesting to test the photo capabilities of the two phones head to head. Sony Ericsson K750 joins the party.

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  • Webmaster

Peak a boo ! This phone takes it all, i mean - litterally. It's NOkia

  • George

Last week i bought a Nokia N80 instead of buying the K800i. Well i charged the phone and away i went happily browsing and downloading some themes etc. It froze! Well it happens i said. a couple of hours after the battery was dead. Charged again, by the evening dead again. Charged during the night, left it stand by and sent some messages plus took some photos etc, usual usage, battery ran out on me by the evening. Charged again, only 22 hours usage. That is it, off it goes and bought the Sony. WHAT A CAMERA! never froze, used it for 2 and a half days, browsing and taking ots of photos, etc. I know which is the best as i had both. I love Nokia as i had them all, but this time K800 wins, as a phone is of no use without a battery that dies in a few hours, not even a whole day. By the way, bluetooth, gprs, wifi all switched off. I hope you do notmake the mistake i done.

  • Anonymous

the person hu was wanting to find owt ow to get rid of the 3 adverts on ur k800. here's how u do it go on settings then go down until u fet to instant viewer the deactivate it. its as simple as that.

  • Ruhail

I dunno what the commotion is about..I got the N80 two days ago,and i also have the N70..The N80 is a cool phone..Its elegant..The camera is great..U just have to tweak the mode to get the best results eg night mode at times with low light.The video quality is also great,provided there is good lighting..Plus,one thing that makes it better than SE phones..ITS SYMBIAN!! That means u get a host of software..I was surprised to see no one mentioned this..The only trouble with the N80 is the reception and the battery..I agree with someone's post here..The K800 isnt really a beauty..So I'd just recommend the N80 from personal opinion and experience..

  • adrian

I'm also buying a new phone, and still not able to choose between the n80 and k800. I know that SE phones rock, and i've always wanted one, but somehow the k800 doesn't really intrigue me, I think because it looks a bit odd. The n80 on the other hand has a big screen, which is usefull for viewing the 3mp photos. It is also much better at capturing video, but i'm worried about the bad battery. Are batteries which last shorter alse less in durability? I thought Nokia was wellknown for being userfriendly, but you guys say the k800 is easier to use when taking photos. Isn't the Nokia easier to handle? And is the difference between the two batteries really this big? thanks for the review, it cleared a lot of things up

  • Anonymous

Firstly, I agree N80 seems to be a more all-rounded phone, but I can assure you, the average consumer will never use most of these "all-rounded" features regularly.

Hence, I feel the most important is the key functions of the phone. Basically, with a superior camera and MP3, the k800i is funtionally, a more logical phone to avearge consumers. In addition, the k800i is cheaper, has a better battery life, and looks cooler (to me at least) than the N80.

It's true that video capture isn't great, but seriously, how many people actually ever use video capture? I'm certain there are instances when you would, but generally, most will use it as a camera. And honestly, even the N80's video quality (no doubt better that k800i) isn't that great either.

Lastly, I've been a Nokia user my entire life (6+ phones), and this is the first SE (or non-Nokia) phone I've ever bought and I can honestly say it's fantastic. Btw, my bro has the N80, so I know the diff in photo quality and trust me, it's noticeble.

  • Anonymous

Have you with N80 got any firmware updates to phone?

You can check the firmware version by entering *#0000#

My N80 firmware version is V 3.0614.0.3 11-04-2006 RM-92

Do you have newer and do you know any real improvments in them?

My greatest concerns are
- new browser telling too often that there's not enough memory, thoug there's plenty of it free - seems to be some kinda bad feature / bug
- bad video resolution (aguess due to poor mpeg4-encoding)

  • Anonymous

With regards to the last post:

Sorry, but I beg to differ.
The SE design is way more classic and business like. It's clean cut design has made it the envy of rivals. Nokia for example was so inspired by SE's design that they actually based their E-series on the SE concept, which is minimilistic.
And whats so innovative about N80's design? It's based on every other Samsung slider.

And you missed one HUGE point.

7. N80's internal memory is a JOKE! lol

So I think my point is as clear as a 'cyber-shot' image, that SE wins hands down!!

  • Anonymous

well i guess both phones i.e. SE k800 and nokia n80 have some great attractive features.... comparison in my view follows:
1. CAMERA: k800 better in still imaging while n80 is better in videos
2. SIZE: n80 is smaller than k800
3. BATTERY: k800 wins again
4. DISPLAY: n80 is great in display
5. FLASH: k800 flash light is incredible
6. BODY: k800 has the same old fashioned style while Nokia has a new one

in my view n80 is the overall winner except that battery thing, n80 is my choice.

  • Aman

Hey guys.. have u heard? A new movie being released soon was shot using a Sony Ericsson w900i! The first movie ever to be shot using a mobile phone!
The producers say that they tested range of moiles, but SE's video capture was the BEST!!! Go see it at:
This is sheer proof that SE phones rock!
Thus k800 CyberShot gets my vote :-)


Omg you only talk about cameras, ok just think about it
both cameras are the same both rocks and both has a substantial fascilities for camera...
But i say N80 is better because look at K800 it only take u to the maximum, but N80 you can grap it into more than the maximum...
all applications games themes web sites stands only for nokia...
in N80 u can change what ever u want, but K800 only tha maximum, it's made for only one thing as usual, u cant take a full controll into its system...ok, go back to pictures, you can find that N80 has a better contrast than K800 and better stabzilizer too...
and according to the battery's right that N80 is lower but think why.? czz u can switch into more bands of freaqeuncies than K800..I know its hard to understand, but I AM A MOBILE PRO...
soo who ever is not sure about those 2..I tell ya that N80 is the winner

Hope you understand thanks...

  • Anonymous

i currently have a k750 and find it handy and functional.however i am planning to buy the latest one with a better pic and video quality as i need it for my job.SE has a good camera but nokia has the better video.I hope SE can match the nokia capability soon before i decide to buy a new phone.

  • imad

well...n80 is better than k800 to me. well da only problem with k800 is da video stuff and da memory stik... guys da memory stik is really xpensiv and also its very rare...and da video quality is just so low standard in terms of da 3.2 mehapixel camera. in da case of only camera widout video its k800 obviously..but for allrounder n80 is da winner for me...also 2 include dat da reviews given by gsmarena ar really very kool nd good...dey really help...and lastly i want 2 add dat people who can wait a little bit shud wait for da n93..coz k800 is nowhere near da nokia n93...and as i am very keen 2 buy a cell next week inshallah i will b buying a nokia n80...i wish n93 comes by da next week den um definitely goin' for n93......
neways i hope u ppl like my comment.........enjoy

  • Carmella

Help!! I have a sony ericsson k800 on network 3. Does anybody know how to get rid of the 3 adverts that are flashing on the bottom of the main screen cuz they are covering my wallpaper! Please someone help!

  • Zim

Superb Review. Very informative. I currently own a W900i an I am considering upgrading. The K800 is very impressive in the camera department, however the N80 is a incredible all round mobile. My phone currently has a 2.0 megapixel camera, same as the K750. The main advantage is the 470mbs of built in memory, an the possibility of using a 2gb memory card. The only other phone with this kind of memory that I would have considered is the N91. However, through another very informative review I have changed my mind. The N80 then became my next contender, equipped with a 3.2 Megapixel camera, incredible video capability, a wide range of connections; WAP,GPRS,3G,Bluetooth,Infared & WiFi etc. The K800 is very good in its camera dep't, howvever I am hoping that Sony Ericsson introduces a Walkman model to this. Just as in the case of the D750/K750/W800. If they in actuality do, I will definately purchase that. A Sony Ericsson Walkman with a 3.2 Megapixel camera. Thats a buy. In summary, if you are deciding between these two,be sure that you are sure take into consideration all the features of both phones, not just the imaging aspect of them. Thanks All..

  • Samarth 619

K800i rocks!! A great camera with flash ,good stereo music comparable to W800i (except for megabass and Walkman logo). Now,this is what I call an allrounder.
But, I have a Nokia6670 and if I upgrade ,i fear that I cannot use applications like callrecorder , chess ,etc
Any suggestions? existing Sony ericcson users please post.

  • Rusi

Dudes i am teling u who evers reading dis k800 rocks N80 sucks sony is comming nokia beware and i am sure even the N93 will not come in the class of K800 well done sony ericsson

  • Pistol

Great review. I was going for the Nokia, but now I'm not sure. As I use this as a business phone, what is also important is the ring volume etc, and the call quality. Reliability is also a must, as too many times my phones don't last any more than 12 months. I would like to take good pics, but like also to store music, and still have good basic phone use. I would be interseted in any other results. Thanks

  • Anonymous

n80 function should be better and video but the battery life really very bad. most important is the battery life.
i wiil go for se k800.

  • WhiteEye

NOKIA just sells NAME, SE sells features! And people in Indonesia bought super expensive mobile phone just for showing off, not for the features. Stupid!