Nokia N80 vs. Sony Ericsson K800: 3 megapixel shootout

29 April 2006
The first Nokia 3 megapixel camera phone, N80, just hit the market. The Sony Ericsson K790/K800 might follow soon and it comes with the famous Cyber-shot logo. We decided that it will be interesting to test the photo capabilities of the two phones head to head. Sony Ericsson K750 joins the party.

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  • Kenryk

Sony Ericsson K800i is the best.

  • kietsmark

my friend has a k800i and it really rocks! okay, it does not have a good design but its not bad at all! it doesnt hang as nseries did! believed me folks, b4 you buy nseries make sure that the outlet or store will allow you to return it because of performance problem! because they will not allowed you! that is the problem! if nokia can have an nseries that doesn't hang-up frequently they can control mobile industry bec they ahave a good bunch of designers on their pool! but as of now, i vote for k800i! because if you are really talking about technology, performance and reliability comes first!

  • kietsmark

i just like to thank sony and nokia for releasing a new model of their mobiles. it is really great that you guys keep on thinking how to make our mobile tech grow! i am a nokia user for quite a long time and when they released nseries i am thrilled and wanted to have one. i wait not long enough till i got one. at first i am very proud to have n91 bec of its 4gb HD. i thought it will have a great deal but it turned out differently! i never expected that it was designed to just keep a great amount of file but nokia did not (or maybe they tried but can,t come up to) put a good processor or whatever they called it to match up with the 4G HD. i am thinking that this caused the HANGING! WHAT IS THE USED OF A GOOD DESIGN IF THEY CAN'T SUPPORT IT BY IT'S PERFORMANCE? we are not buying just because of the looks! we are buying because of the overall performance! A GOOD MONEY DESERVES A GOOD PRODUCT! MY FRIEND GOT HIS K800i

  • don

n80 is good, but k800 is way more erricson is definitely ruling the charts.even with their nseries they cant beat sony erricsons walkman phones.BAD LUCK NOKIA!HA HA HA HA HA!

  • Mathieu

I just purchased the K800 yesterday, and I must say I'm very impressed. Sure the Nokia N80 is nice, but I've never been a Nokia fan. My friend has it and she loves it.

So far it seems like the battery life on the K800 is amazing, and the screen is beautiful.

My only complaint is the lack of an included memory card. But not a huge issue as it can be purchased.

So my vote goes for the SE K800

  • -----hqvq

my sister is using N80... and she loves it., the gallery is very easy to use and the wifi feature is amazing... im planning to buy a fone, and i will definitely buy SE k800.!=) k800 got very sleek design... its black... has better sound quality for my mp3s... sweet 3mp camera... better battery life... and its cheaper...=)

  • Veyatii

Ok, by the this comment is posted it will having been a good several months after this test would have initiated so consider my opinion a post-release one (considering both phones have launched and establised themselfs on the market). Now I have tested both phones for a peroid though this test is about cameras, the rest of the world (especially the critics) are more interested in the overall function of the phones. (Note that what I will say here is just my opinion) Now if you want just your average everyday phone with a decent (well, amazing) camera, mp3 and resonable web browser then I say opt for the K800i since I find it to be more pratical and user-friendly than the N80. However, if you are like me and demand a somewhat complex and very functional smartphone that can effectively replace your laptop (to an extent) with a very good camera and multimedia capabilities then purchase the N80. From what I have heard the battery can last for a day or two and charging is not exactly the most demanding aspect of the world. Although note that N80 does have a moral highground here since ti can keep up with the best mobile phone camera available whilst not relying on any camera credentials (lest the advertised).

  • Anonymous

i think the N80 looks a bit like N70, but it looks newer though. and also, the N80 is a slider and N70 has a candybar design. well, i am interested in the SE.because it has the bestpic thing and i think it's great to capture moving objects. now, i have an SE phone. it's my first time to hv SE and i think when i will change my handphone it will be another SE :). and i think i like the K800 better because it is cheaper and has a more slim design. i think N80 is a lil' bit too thick bcause it's a slider....

  • Kristiana

naaaaah...i am 12 yeras old, but i sure understand of phones. i have SE K800 and i think its better than the nokia, people do say that nokias are good phones but...i just like SEs! i had a Samsung D500 and i liked it because of the slide thing, the nokia is a slide model, it is stielish but they have made the nokia too sharp AND i think that some nokias have poor colour conditions(no offense nokia pplz). ive always wanted a K series SE because of the shape, they could have made it a small phone, but they though of a new style (tht's what i think).the camera is great!!! and when you listen to music you can put it on stereo widening,can the nokia do that?!i dont really make videos with the phone,but why would i need a good video qualety when i have a 3.2 MP camera?!^_^im not voting for 'cos i have the SE, i think that its a little bit better than the nokia.

  • Anil

1. N80,N70.......bla bla.....all NO_kia and Nseries hangs.
PROOF:- PLAY MP3, START BROWSING INTERNET ON N_series.........and voila........the SOUND (playback of MP3) crumbles, it stops in between..........again resumes...........

so poor memory managemant in all SUCKING NOKIA.

do the same with any SONY phone.......and you can listen to MP3 while surfing internet on phone.......and all will be handled v v v well.

and abt s/w ??? i think i have my PC to install softwares.

I WONT INSTALL ANY SOFTWARE IF MY PHNOE HANGS A LOT........NOKIA IS v v v slow...and installing all bla bla S?W will make it even slower.


  • eXtreme

Se k800i have carl zeiss optic,and camera in k800i is from one of sony photo-cameras.Se k800i have better camera than N80.K800i is faster than N80,but N80 have symbian...Symbian = not very good sound quality,laggy,lost of apps...You may think what you need.Laggy telephone with good apps or phone with good music quality,good support and good camera.....

  • Anonymous

listen up guys.i have been using se for years now and all i get is problems with the software of the phones.i agree and i know that k800i's camera is quite better but compare to the problems i dnt really care about the camera
--------->> then go find another review segment. this is for comparing the pics taken with those fones both having around 3 mps. all i'm getting from you is the feeling that you are a nokia fanatic. hehehehe:)

  • Anonymous

Listen up guys.I have been using SE for years now and all I get is problems with the software of the phones.I agree and I know that K800i's camera is quite better but compare to the problems I dnt really care about the camera.As for N80 I have been using it for about 2 months and all I have to say is the best phone.No problems at all I have used lots and lots of Nokia's phone and I have never had even a small problem.As for the look of these 2 phones come on guys let be serious N80 looks extremely beautiful and elegant its a phone for those who want to look diferrent and special K800i is just a black SE normal phone.As for the battery I listen music for about 5 hours a day plus calls plus txts and on the top of that play with the camera and fanctions and the life time is a day which is cool for me.I think I said enough now people that you want the best and elegance in your life get Nokia N80.

P.S. K800i comes with no memory card and that is crap if you know what I mean(extra money and search arround to get cheap MC)

  • Anonymous

being user friendly doesn't mean that using its cam function is easy too. they sey k800 cam is easier to use because some functions that are used often are already integrated into its keypad. you don't have to go to settings menu all the time to tweak things out. well, it's true. k800 is easier to use. and wieth regards to being user friendly i gues that they all are as soon as you get the hang of it and the common sense that is. no offense intended. it's just thet when you see the menu word above a button then maybe that button accesses the menu function. right?

  • Anonymous

yes we know that. but look at the heading. a 3 mp shootout. if nokia got into the market of building 3mp fones then it has to make sure it can compete with the others. if im with nokia. i think they should designate a new model name specifically for camerafones. like se, they have the k series for camerafones, and the p series for smartfones, and the z series for clamshell fones.

  • Devakumar

Nokia N80 and Sony K800 are phones from different segment and can not be compared. N80 is advanced in technology with Symbion OS, Wi-fi, UPnP and a step towards digital home. If you are looking only picture and video, N80 is not the phone.

  • armash

Among N80 and K800,k800 is much betterthan N80.K800 has very nice imaging than N80 and it has 72 channels which is not even present in music phones of nokia.Battery life is very very less in nokia but sony ericsson has more than 7 hours.The main disadvantage of K800 is the look and difficult to handle but if you use it for somedays you will surely feel very easy.K800 is the best....

  • Anonymous

N93 is the worst, biggest brick oN the market. U goNna have to purchase an additioNal carrycAse to travel with it. Much rather go for the N80 if u catch my drift ! Its MOre than worth it.

  • Anonymous

N93 is the worst, biggest brick oN the market. U goNna have to purchase an additioNal carrycAse to travel with it. Much rather go for the N80 if u catch my drift ! Its MOre than worth it.

  • Webmaster

Peak a boo ! This phone takes it all, i mean - litterally. It's NOkia