Nokia N80 vs. Sony Ericsson K800: 3 megapixel shootout

29 April 2006
The first Nokia 3 megapixel camera phone, N80, just hit the market. The Sony Ericsson K790/K800 might follow soon and it comes with the famous Cyber-shot logo. We decided that it will be interesting to test the photo capabilities of the two phones head to head. Sony Ericsson K750 joins the party.

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  • john

i think that the better phone is sony ericsson k800

  • amit pawar

n80 is having g8 functions & having good camera clearity

  • Georg

I like n 80 it is the best

  • dragosh

k800 s camera is probably better than n80 s camera...but n80 is a SMARTPHONE!!!!!and is much better than k800!!

  • Mohtashim'K

I'm a gr8 fan of SE and i'd prefer K800 for camera use as it's camera is way ahead from N80 and for business use i'd prefer N80 as it has more gr8 functions for business people

  • doesn't matter

I wonder who the hell is buying a Nseries phone from Nokia regarding the camera? It's a bussiness phone, not a multimedia/imaging one... Ok, the review it's about these phones' cameras, but the main difference between them is really something else... I'm thinking about conectivity, and the rest...

  • Dato

I've n80 and have not seen k800 at all, i'm setisfied with this camera, but i don't like organizer a lot. I used to have 2610, and it had better one:D

  • nick

the n80 is actually way ahead of the k800 technology wise. Symbian and all that.

  • Fil

I don't understand the English in some of the comments.

  • c7

I'm a fan of neither brands...but somehow there are a few reviews..."NOKIA sucks,SE rules"..and that's it...come on..u compare two brands by 1 model?and specifically the camera quality and battery life only?
For me,direct comparison should not happen...all phones have pros and cons.

  • Anonymous

I say the Nokia N80 is a better phone than the K800. The camera however, is inferior to the K series SE's. Mainly because of sony's carl zesis tech. The design of the N80 in my opinion is much more sexier than the K800 (xD) although the phone is on the bulky side (you have to take into account its a smart phone). Another great feature of the N80 is its WiFi capability. Scrolling through pictures is much more smoother than the K800 as well. Unless u like modding your phone alot, the N80 is the way to go, the camera is just right for a phone, Nokia is a much more reliable phone brand than Sony >.< Sony is easy to play around with and will probly break if you dont knoe how to do things right

  • kantot

I'm glad for these reviews. I just purchased my new phone SE K800i.

  • Anonymous

i have Nokia N80 and very happy with the phone,only one major problem is with the flash,it has got the most in-accurate flash
it blinks a some time after u click an exposure,so the subject is always remains in dark,i have tried so many ways to solve this problem,but could not.could any help me on this!!

  • Anonymous

hello all, i have a N80, its a very good phone except the big problem(batterie), every day i use to charge it, so be carful!!

  • Anonymous

Great review. Was thinking of upgrading my phone. The review throws good light on both N Series and SE K 800. Am planning to settle with K800 based on my need. Any idea when does K 850i hit the market?

  • noname

different people give different yourself is always the best :)

  • hbk

can u image here in usa they have no clue about this great phones of nokia or sonyerricson they use lame phones called sidekick and motorazar which they thick is the bestphone in the world my friend in london were laughing crazy about this

  • cena

i would say everyone to buy k800i because i case of flash it is 100 times better than n80 because it has the cybershoot's original xenon flash.But in case of style n80 rulez but in perfomence still k800i is alot better so k800i wins the fight.And thank god i bought k800i

  • Anonymous

I beg u all not to buy this N80 phone. this phone video quality is very bad . In daylight the video is ok but in normal light the video is extremely bad , similar to VGA camera video. the 3 megapixel is just for show. Only the image is good. Even if u buy please check the video in normal light.

  • Anonymous

i hav got a n80 and its not da best since of its big size not to big but big.however k800i in most aspects is much better but the n80 is that bad 95%for k800i and 80% for nokia n80.anyaway a new nokia coming out called nokia n95 its got 5mp camera carl ziess and tv output built in navigation system it looks simlar to the n80 but is said to be less chunky doubt it since its got loadz of features and thatl make it chunky.pretty deer though.n93 and 91 are bricks could kill someone with them gezz in a bit then mmc lol