Nokia N91 review: Real celebrity

09 May 2006
4 GB hard disk • 2 megapixel camera • Symbian 9.1 OS • brilliant music player • Voice recognition • Bluetooth • EDGE • Wi-Fi • 3G compatibility. With all those rich features the phone packs quite a punch, but would it make it to the final round?

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Sadly, the phone spec page is deleted for some reason.... :(

Anyhow, who's remembering this phone and its audio setup in 2019?

  • vpn

adeel, 25 Jul 2006can any1 tell me its value($)?i wana buy it...its a kooool ... more
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  • vpn

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2006The phone is great with 4 GIG memory although NOTE there is... more
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  • jolly

can anyone help me where can i find free applications in the internet for nokia n91? thanks

  • vineet bulchandani

steve nong, 16 Dec 2009I got this phone nokia n91 from my sister. She gave it to m... morei m also using n91. U need to defragment ur hard drive or free atleast 4mb in phone mem.

  • steve nong

I got this phone nokia n91 from my sister. She gave it to me because she was complaining it had some problems after using it 5 months later. I am using it now and I found it that it kept on hanging as I was moving aroung the menu and, while I was sending the text messages, it hung for a while and came back to normal. When it normally hung while I was navigating the menu and it could not be used until I took out the battery. Can somebody help me how to solve this problem.. very irritating when it hangs!

  • graphicsbg

samarth singh, 03 Jun 2006It will definitely prove to be a market snatcher .8800 coul... moreyou will visit the site

  • siva

Tzunoi, 30 Sep 2006does anybody know if this phone is still being made ? i mea... moreNice model.It's one of the best model in Nokia Version.

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  • Ceejay+2348039420256

kharlo, 26 Mar 2008iv got this phone yesterday and it always has this undetect... moreIf your hard drive is not detected. It means the battery cover is not properly covered and it even happens when the casing it changed so its better to leave the original battery cover.
For the memory low or can not find or read your messages. Go to your message settings and change the storage then you'l see it. And also u need a good file explorer software to arrange your file.
My stress. My problem wit it is that it collects mainly sisx which is not easy to get unlike my 6600 that collects lots of sis. And its 3g is not all fun because its either you are seeing d person or the person it seeing you because there is no camera in the front.

  • prajay

kharlo, 26 Mar 2008iv got this phone yesterday and it always has this undetect... moreeven i wanted to know how is the bluetooth thing it shows less space and delete some data and also if i take anything through bluetooth from some other mobile i cant view it how to view pl z let me know?

  • Ronald B

I had sold my N80 for this one. Why?

1. I need a music phone. N80 cannot satisfy my craving for music.
2. Wi-Fi. Eventhough N80 also had Wi-Fi, it is rather slow and needs some tweaking to improve it.
3. Battery power. BL-5C is far better than BL-5B.
4. Headset issues. I can buy any other headset (better sound quality) in the market for N91 for my music.
5. Storage. You'll need to buy a new MiniSD for larger storage for N80. For N91, 4gb is enough, 8gb is the best.
6. Price. N80 is more expensive than the older N91.

I think this phone (N91) will stay longer here with me than my N80. My N80 only lasted for 2 weeks with me. I wasn't satisfied.

  • kharlo

iv got this phone yesterday and it always has this undetected hard drive problem and memory low delete some data always appear. I just want to know if somebody also has this problem??? And how to fix it also.. pls help me.. email me pls..

  • rachel312

my n 91 has 8 gigabytes in memory... and it rocks!!!!!!!

  • Imran

The Nokia N91 is the third N-Series phone to be released, and is designed to be a combined phone & music player.

The unique selling point of the N91 is that it is the first Nokia phone to be equipped with a hard drive. The hard drive offers 4 Gbytes of storage - enough to compete with the Ipod Nano and sufficient to store more than 1,000 songs. This may really be the first phone that can rival an iPod for music capabilities.


  • Viwe

I got the phone edd of last year. It's a real nice phone especially it's space 4 gig is a lot. I was a very disappointed with the video calling part.

  • Trevor

N91 sounds better than N93... I have both. But N93 captures videos/images better. You decide. Superb Audio Experience or Imaging?

  • Amgad

To all the GSMarena stuff!!!
i was about to buy N91 then some1 convinced me with N93 im more interested into music so i wonder if N93 can has the same quality as N91 into the audio output and i wanna know if i can make N93 work as iPod as well ass N91????

  • Ferdie

On N91:

Recently i got one of this. It was really cool, the features complement my lifestyle- Had a great music menu, sounds are really great with the equalizer, 4gig really rocks!!!, the hi-fi sound quality is great, plus the camera does a better job too, video quality is good, the fm radio- though not record-capable provide a good listening no-more hash.., the 3G comes in the wap-enhancer and not in video calling (though it does one-way video calling), but complementing the lack of 3G 2-way video calling is the wi-fi (surfing the net within the hotspot).. I've read many articles and commentaries before grabbing my own unit.. It was a decision made for good.... N80 could have been better but not with the 4gig offered by N91... Plus N91 defaults is in harddrive facility... Huge storage.... There's an upcoming new version in 8gig harddrive.. 4gig is more than enough for me....

  • Quincy

this phone is the bomb....i dont think it can be compared to any otherphone if not the sony ericssojn m600....the only problemis that the camera of the phone is to big and doesnt have a shutter to like protect the lens from getting scratches......On top of all that this phone rulez

  • Tzunoi

does anybody know if this phone is still being made ? i mean if i can still get it new. i currently have a sony ericsson w800i whic i am fed up with. even if it has a great mp3 player it is a boring phone so i decided to buy this one.