Nokia N91 review: Real celebrity

09 May 2006
4 GB hard disk • 2 megapixel camera • Symbian 9.1 OS • brilliant music player • Voice recognition • Bluetooth • EDGE • Wi-Fi • 3G compatibility. With all those rich features the phone packs quite a punch, but would it make it to the final round?

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  • harsh

nice phone but wat about the batterry backup and camera

  • Anonymous

The phone is great with 4 GIG memory although NOTE there is no video calling - big disappointment and the keypad is smaller than usual.

  • adeel

can any1 tell me its value($)?i wana buy it...its a kooool looking fone!

  • Ken

Question about the Bluetooth on this phone.. Does it support A2DP?
Everyone are giving different conclusions. I have tested (not throughly) pairing with Motorola HT820 and it is only giving dual mono playback.
Anyone know if there is a software upgrade that will enable the A2DP support?

  • Kamal

Nice fone with full of features.......seems to b a good buy nothing is 100% perfect in this world....

one question --- can we record FM using this fone..

  • samarth singh

A request to staff is that they please launch a downloadable video clip sample taken by N91 so that we can decide whether we can tolerate its camera (since its speciality is music performance).Photos are good enough but have not seen its video in CIF (352X288) resolution . "People NEED ALL-ROUNDER sets not speciality-crazy devices".Example SONY Ericson W800i or W810i ,which have good music as well as great camera .2MP camera doesn't always mean a good camera .Other factors like brightness ,contrast ,focal length ,autofocus ,flash ,etc determine its greatness.

  • samarth singh

It will definitely prove to be a market snatcher .8800 could have done the same with its steel body but it lacks features .Steel body is a great idea . If it can record videos smoothly at CIF (352X288) resolution then it is a complete all-rounder phone with power of N-series. But,applications for Symbian 9.1 are few and rare and it is recieving high competition ,so it may not be the best .But, it is certainly the best music mobile due to hi-fi quality and storage (4GB+30MB)