Nokia Asha 311 review: A penny saved

14 September 2012
Nokia is still picking up pace in the smartphone market, with the Microsoft-driven Lumias yet to make the impact the Finns have been hoping for since the strategy reset. In the meantime, the company has been enjoying a pretty easy run in the...

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  • Isha

szkhan, 08 Sep 2014Sir,I have Nokia 311.Always I used to download any document... moreNot email

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2013Is this a good phone for me will be my firstNo plz dnt take dis phone! First of all der is no anderoid n second it hangs frequently n extremely costly!!

  • szkhan

Sir,I have Nokia 311.Always I used to download any documents or applications,but the set does not support it.How can solve my problems?

  • Anonymous

Can't download a backup file to switch off camera sounds

  • Mann

Ovr al good mbl bt th major prblm is its loss twr covrage again n again ,I hv chked my sim in othr mbl thr is no any prblm fnd with sim

  • Anonymous

Nokia 311

  • Amin

I think this model should be best because as i know this model can use by everyone very easily.

  • Fikani

How do i update mxit or operamini version?

  • Ina

I have Nokia Asha 311. The videos worked soooo well. I then tried to take a video with my phone and now it will NOT play any videos - Give a ? in the middle of the screen and then NOTHING! It does not want to play any videos - no matter what format. What can I do to fix this?

  • Alamgir

I can't open my youtube on wifi 311

  • Anonymous

Super mobile nokia asha 311 nice

  • bincy

Its good befor software updating.after updating software nokia music is not available.main prblm is wen someone make a call to thisphn they could here is not reachable msg.n also u can see no network msg even u r in a city.

  • Anand

Very good mobile, nokia is also best.

  • Nitesh

Mobile is very super

  • Nick A

Hi,i thought of buyng nokia asha 311.
Is ths a gd mbl?
Is nokia asha 311 contains video cal?
Is ths mbl suports for whts apps nd also other apps....
Plz yar any1 help me out.

  • AnonD-173049

The Asha 311 is the best S40 at the moment with capacitive full touch. He's good bacause he has a good processor with 128mb ram 256mb rom clocking @1gHz. 3,75G is also available on this phones. Whats App is available, you can stream with pretty good quality, youtube and radio streaming. And the most important thing they run very smoothly, no lags at all or you have to have a memory card of 16gb that's full with pictures.. I put video's on my 311 with MP4 bitrate: 2000kb's@30 frames a second. It does evryting it's got very well. By foot and a at least connection to the EDGE network you can even use Nokia Maps. I would go for the Nokia Asha 311 if you want a good experience with Nokia's S40 software. If you don't expect it to be a iOS or android you will be very satisfied. If you really need a android phone just double your budget and you'll be satisfied as well. For 90euro's it's better to buy a Asha 311 then low budget android's that will lag if you use them a couple weeks.

  • Manjunathv

Nokia 311 is very good phone . Features, good design and more facilities with less cost. But disadvantage is some times it will not work properly . It get struck some times . Battery standards not up to the standards

  • Anonymous

How to copy my contacts, calendar reminders, birthdays and SMS msgs from C3-01 to Asha 311. I have them all backed up in Nokia suite

  • faisi


  • Kencio

The Nokia Asha 311... supporting recording fm radio?