Nokia Asha 311 review: A penny saved

14 September 2012
Nokia is still picking up pace in the smartphone market, with the Microsoft-driven Lumias yet to make the impact the Finns have been hoping for since the strategy reset. In the meantime, the company has been enjoying a pretty easy run in the...

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  • what wow

100 euros ? lol . i can get a used xperia arc, xperia mini, xperia neo, or galaxy s1, or plenty other models for that money on ebay.

  • AnonD-180

rebel, 14 Sep 2012why review for low ends???GSMARENA is about GSM phones in general ...
It might interest you to know that even though people aspire to high end phones , they buy low end all the time.
and it's not fair to not give them proper reviews of their cheap phones.
did you know that Asha 311 is ranked 5th in GSM popularity.
2 other dumb phones are ranked 6th and 7th.

[deleted post]Why don't you click on "Nokia" at the top left of this page and save everyone the trouble of having to educate you about general culture? Here: Enjoy!

  • rebel

why review for low ends???

  • Just sayin'

[deleted post]I wouldn't believe you. still, If you are 41 as you say and never heard of nokia, then you are living under a rock, and that's not something to be proud of.


  • AnonD-616

[deleted post]Go ask your family ! The will tell you about nokia ! Because you are kid ! And you only know about toys :-) ! mobile phone is not for kids !

  • AnonD-1314

Things are about to change

  • Just sayin'

[deleted post]you're probably 8.

@gsmarena, can you make a video of the UI?