Sony Xperia tipo review: Mini just got bigger

21 September 2012
The NXT line gave Sony the strong start they needed after returning to the smartphone game on their own. The Japanese then focused on filling the lower ranks and, yet again, we see them look for inspiration in the old Sony Ericsson scrapbook...

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  • KRMT

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2014This phone was smart simple and better but not now.... 2014... more4.0.4 is the last official, there would be no updates whatsoever but you can use CM10 ROM to get JB. Unlock bootloader needed.

  • Anonymous

This phone was smart simple and better but not now.... 2014 latest games doesn't support on tipo... Wil atleast tipo users get 4.1.2 update??

  • Anonymous

It's an extremely low- end phone, I don't recommend anybody to buy it. I got one less than a year ago, and I'm going to buy a new smartphone yet. There's no problem with Sony, but Tipo doesn't really deserve to be called a Sony Xperia. There's a big white spot in the middle of the screen in case of every Tipo, so it's not an individual problem... It's unable to use its smartphone functions, and is really bad for calling and texting people. I hate Tipo. Build quality and performance are very very bad! Please DON'T BUY A TIPO!

  • dhiraj chauhan

I am useing it very good quality good for internet

  • basic sphone junky

I find texting on the Motorola screen alot easier than the sony screen. The Motorola has a strong reception and WiFi signal. And I don't know why but my texts that I send out to people on my sony are now received late sometimes and this is in town.

  • basic sphone junky

I almost forgot. A big reason why I got this little sony is that it has quite an impressive amount of internal memory. The Motorola defy mini has bugger all internal memory and I struggle to download anything. And even to update the standard apps on my Motorola I struggle and I can't do because of no memory.

  • basic sphone junky

This is a good quality phone. I don't find the screen scratch resistant. I like the feel of the back cover. This phone is slightly more expensive than more Motorola defy mini which I older the the tipo and slower. My defy mini takes way better quality photos with and has a flash and two cameras. My defy mini has a better save power mode than the Xperia tipo when battery is low. The defy mini screen is also heaps in direct sunlight, when browsing online and i. sscratch proof. The Sony is a nicer phone to hold has a better quality sound but volume can't go as loud on the Motorola.

  • sunny

hlo gsmrnea plzzz tell me topo comera will provide other camera features like face detection,photoshob,smile on face and many more apps plzz tell me quickly

  • Anonymous

My piks/videos keep disappearing off my sd card

  • sasee

Worst product from Sony.
Please don't buy infact some showrooms don't sell it. I'm using tipo for last 1year.

  • Dilbhag rana

jenon, 29 Apr 2013Sony tipo or HTC explorer which is better to buy? I thought you can buy sony tipo

  • vijay

Can i buy it or no?

  • Anonymous

Saran 56, 02 May 2013Dear friends I'm using the Xperia tipo single. for the last... moreJust update latest firmware

  • ooobaby

I have sony xperia tipo, what is the code to unlock it, I want to use other another Sim

  • Fatmass

This is like the fastest 800mhz phone i've ever seen.

  • Saran 56

Dear friends I'm using the Xperia tipo single. for the last 2 days my mobile's PROXIMITY SENSOR is not working. I feel it's a case. plz tell me the solution without visiting the service shop..

  • jenon

Sony tipo or HTC explorer which is better to buy?

  • jsd

I put pattern lock on my tipo d I forgt the pattern d whn I tried many times it says many time pattern lock plz help me out. ...

  • AnonD-124202

how to read pdf files on tipo...m having d default adobe bt i hve d problem of page any software to fit d entire page on d screen while reading pd files..????
pls help...thanks...!!!

  • muthu

AnonD-105115, 20 Feb 2013Either install power saver or root (it doubles the battery life)What the root to install pls tell