Sony Xperia tipo review: Mini just got bigger

21 September 2012
The NXT line gave Sony the strong start they needed after returning to the smartphone game on their own. The Japanese then focused on filling the lower ranks and, yet again, we see them look for inspiration in the old Sony Ericsson scrapbook...

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  • boosook

Guys, if you're interested in this phone... I'm a mini (pro) owner, and my advice is: get an xperia mini! Don't even mess with such a low end device. The mini is much better than the miro, the galaxy mini 2 and the desire C. You'll have, for the same price, a phone with much better screen (only just a bit smaller, but same resolution), much better camera and much better audio quality, both on earphones and from the speaker, and better processor and gpu.
So why should you buy this? Get a mini while it can still be purchased and you won't regret it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2012I don't understand why phone makers think that (small = che... moreactually this tipo is lowend but look at 3.2 inches sony ericsson live with walkman! it is far better than ace plus

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]dude no sound in mobile is higher than lww's one

  • AnonD-56158

Karmic, 23 Sep 2012Here in india we dont have mini 2 & desire C costs arou... morehow much does tipo cost in india? in philippines its more expensive than galaxy y and lg l3.

  • Anonymous

Looks so much better in blue or red than black.

  • what wow

no camera flash means instant no sale.

  • deepen

wow... Sony made their masterpiece in entry level driod. I bought xperia tipo three days back its superb mobile in this price range Sony very much focus performance in this device. so ics very smooth even single core processor. design and build quality impressive. browser performance awesome even 3.2" inch screen view quality is so good. display quality is good but not awesome. playing games also good. thank u Sony u made smartphone for common man like me. connectivity of internet blazing fast. download manager and torrent downloads good. wifi hotsphot can connect easily with other device for internet.

  • Anonymous

I don't understand why phone makers think that (small = cheap), the screen is washed out and offer low resolution, the camera is fixed focus with low megapixel, and so on.

Why can't they make something better and small? best screen they can use, best camera, in small form factor, is that hard? i know that many people love the big screen smartphones and i think that many people want just something small with good camera and screen, is that hard?

Of course sony is not the only one here, samasung and HTC also do the same.

  • Anonymous

This phone is meh...
Xperia Minis 2011 >>>>>>>Xperia Minis 2012
Cheaper with faster proc>>>>more expensive with slower processor

Sony is going backwards...

  • Is it good enough?

Vaibhav, 23 Sep 2012i bought tipo 2 days ago...its performance is gud bt its di... moreOne of the common complaints about ICS phones is that the speed comes down. How is tipo in this regard?
I am seriously considering this phone for a friend.

  • Anonymous

"The Sony Xperia tipo captures VGA video at around 25 fps, which is all we can expect out of a single-core processor"

Nokia 808 PureView is sending kisses

  • Vaibhav

i bought tipo 2 days ago...its performance is gud bt its display is not vry well bt if a person wants 2 buy dis phn den its gud nd its loudspeaker is dont think jst go for it..! :) nd enjoy coz itz android 4.0 ;)

  • Graz

Am I the only one who thinks the design of this one is so much nicer than the more expensive Xperia phones? Those are way too boxy for me, but I love the soft rounded edges of the Tipo.

  • LNick

I think the battery is huge for a phone that size.

  • Karmic

Here in india we dont have mini 2 & desire C costs around 3000 more (even though its inferior).
Tipo is put in direct competition to galaxy y & explorer ...both of them much worse then tipo.

It rocks ICS much smoother than my arc. LOVE IT!

  • AnonD-19190

so impressive

  • xmzil

good smartphone....but no have bravia engine n low pixel

  • Jon

First !!!!!
Very good phone, better than LG L3