Apple iOS 6 review: Moving forward

26 September 2012
The next iOS version has never been as big a deal as upgrades to Android or Windows. If it ain't broke, don’t fix it, must've been the line of thinking and it's up to you to replace broke with fragmented or catching up, as needed...

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  • Danica

Hello can I have iPhone plss?

  • Mudalagirin

I o s9

  • Sham

I have a iPhone 4s, it shown update 8.1.1, I need know , how it my phone,, is it ok?

  • brij

MH, 06 Oct 2013I'm using iphone 4s and i upgrade the ios6.1.3 to 7.0.2 No... moreu can downgrade ios5.1.1 with help ur shsh blob but not possible to downgrade ios6

  • poni

Bankro, 01 Jan 2013What my iphone4s can not work in liberia?my skype is not working can u help mi. am using iphone 4

  • Jp

4s is better on io6 or ios7?? I heard it goes slow on new ios7? Users plz advise. Thanks

  • MH

I'm using iphone 4s and i upgrade the ios6.1.3 to 7.0.2
Now i want to downgrade my ios to 6.1.3 Bcuz i dno't like the 7.0.2
What can i do for downgrading the ios?!!!
Please tell me

  • Thak

Innoxent Munda, 20 Jul 2013Plxxxxx tell me should i buy iphone 4s on 34,000 ? i need s... moreNo

  • Ramesh

Hi I'm using I phone4 , here I'm suffered a lot coz cost is high , & it is nt user free , and I still searching Siri option

  • WillsWorth

Would really like to comment on the issue of call logs in general for the iphone. most phones can store upto 3 months of call log but on the iphone its hard for it to save 3 days call log. that's not fair.

  • Innoxent Munda

Plxxxxx tell me should i buy iphone 4s on 34,000 ? i need suggestions plz help me i m waiting

  • Anonymous

Yeah, i used flag messages in ios 5.1.1 till may 2012 at the time i byed my 4s
I think is not new flaging messages

  • pulo

can I just know why the battery back up is so low at iphone 5.only 1400 mah is there. That's not it even much more things are so not appropriate in there as like the nano sim and all else.hence i go by- High price low performance

  • AnonD-136286

apple iOS look simple and stable. i like it..

  • ank

I ve just purchased iphone 5 nd it rocks.. SO dNt hazitate to tak it

  • Kobi

I love my iPhone 4 and now getting the 5s or so called 6!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bankro

What my iphone4s can not work in liberia?

  • Anonymous

Fez, 20 Oct 2012Hi, I just upgraded to io6 on my ipad3. Can someone pls hel... moreGo to the settings and activate Siri. Then press and hold the home button .

  • AnonD-15085

Just got my iPhone 4S yesterday and it came with IOS6 so I can't compare it to IOS5. But I was hoping for something more from Apple on this one as Android and WP8 are getting very close now and in some ways their ahead. So I believe Apple should be putting more effort and money in to IOS6.?.? And raise the bar again so it's beyond Google and Microsoft's reach... before it becomes the new No#3 smartphone OS. And also beware of BB10 OS it's a game changer and it looks really slick and very fast even ported on to my playbook..... so Apple show me I was right to leave Android for you and impress me I'm waiting.

  • John

I'd say after upgrading to iOS6 , my iphone4S's battery life has improved significantly !but my phone has become so damn slow, and faces occasional wifi connectivity issues.