Apple iPhone 5 review: Laws of attraction

28 September 2012
The iPhone 5. As in five million units sold over the course of a … weekend. Can't say no to that. This is the latest installment in the smartphone series that changed the mobile phone industry and we can understand people couldn't wait. Now, what is it they couldn't wait for?

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  • Anonymous

Best, 21 Feb 2021I have iPhone 5 but the battery is nonosensesMine is made in 2012, it is still factory stock. Battery health is 70%. It lasts a day still, but goes crazy when I charge- it say 20% and I put charger, just half a minute and it say my battery is charged 37% already and continue charging from 37% until 99-100%

  • Anonymous

Dika, 16 Nov 2020DAMN! I don't understand .. why I like iPhone 5 design... moreI also got Iphone 5, checked Iphone 12 Mini, it felt very same

  • Best

I have iPhone 5 but the battery is nonosenses

  • Dika

DAMN! I don't understand .. why I like iPhone 5 design... I love iPhone 5 .. coz, it's the best design that apple ever made! Oh.. I wish they will reproduct with this phone for iPhone SE 3 or what the names that they call it :v

  • vic pags

i just got 1 unit after 2 days and, after dead batt it doesnt charge anymore

  • Snead

Uzmy, 13 Nov 2019Has the iphone 5 fingerprint sensorUhh I'm not sure what you mean by fingerprint sensor but I can say that you can't unlock your phone by putting your finger on the home button for Model A1429
Hope that helps! 😀

  • Anonymous

i lost the dictaphone on messenger and on what's app
peole can't ear me

  • Shuvo

Uzmy, 13 Nov 2019Has the iphone 5 fingerprint sensorNo

  • Uzmy

engcol, 08 Jul 2019I want to by I phone se pls help me Has the iphone 5 fingerprint sensor

  • Ben

The best

  • engcol

I want to by I phone se pls help me

  • fanana

I want to see apple iphone large picture of them

  • George Abban

My iPhone5 do heats up to the extent I have to place it on a folded napkin to avoid the heat impact . What should I do about it !

  • e

my iphone 5 does not on, even wen i charge the battery he does not on, please what is the problem

  • Anonymous

This is sooooooooooo cool

  • roxy

My sound on m y 5s is so low i never hear when it rings..The other night i tried to ,make a call and the whole screen went white.I turned it off then tried it again tool about 10 minutes and i has my boyfriend tried to call me.i could get calls but not make any out...Help

  • kent

jojo , 31 Jul 2016Why is no one talking abt blackberrywe talk about only I phone...dude...

  • Tapan

jesse, 13 Jan 2014Why's nobdy mentionin the blackberries?My iPhone 5 bettery is very low quality any time charge suppose power cut then then mobile off so I don't use phn out side use only home that charging the phn in current board then use

  • AnonD-632175

Battery on this phone rocks on ios 10.2..of course..i changed my old 2012 battery,i buyed new battery now 1 year,in my country Romania,very poor people here..but i love the good battery on ios 10.2 new battery and not recomended to play on iPhone,every iPhone when plug..will afect the battery very badly..sorry for my bad roumanian

  • AnonD-632175

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2015i'm using New iphone5 64gb. my battery drain too fast.How t... moreReplace the battery and upgrade to ios 10.2..thanks me later :)