Apple iPhone 5 review: Laws of attraction

28 September 2012
The iPhone 5. As in five million units sold over the course of a … weekend. Can't say no to that. This is the latest installment in the smartphone series that changed the mobile phone industry and we can understand people couldn't wait. Now, what is it they couldn't wait for?

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  • k
  • kent
  • P@Y
  • 19 Feb 2017

jojo , 31 Jul 2016Why is no one talking abt blackberrywe talk about only I phone...dude...

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    • Tapan
    • gM8
    • 07 Feb 2017

    jesse, 13 Jan 2014Why's nobdy mentionin the blackberries?My iPhone 5 bettery is very low quality any time charge suppose power cut then then mobile off so I don't use phn out side use only home that charging the phn in current board then use

      • D
      • AnonD-632175
      • nDW
      • 13 Jan 2017

      Battery on this phone rocks on ios 10.2..of course..i changed my old 2012 battery,i buyed new battery now 1 year,in my country Romania,very poor people here..but i love the good battery on ios 10.2 new battery and not recomended to play on iPhone,every iPhone when plug..will afect the battery very badly..sorry for my bad roumanian

        • D
        • AnonD-632175
        • nDW
        • 13 Jan 2017

        Anonymous, 28 Nov 2015i'm using New iphone5 64gb. my battery drain too fast.How t... moreReplace the battery and upgrade to ios 10.2..thanks me later :)

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • 3SL
          • 17 Dec 2016

          jojo , 31 Jul 2016Why is no one talking abt blackberrycoz it's dead, their new phones are overpriced, rebranded alcatel crap

            • S
            • Sharma
            • PVs
            • 11 Dec 2016

            Battery very poor and its replacement is not available from its own store

              • B
              • Bhanot krrish
              • Y}}
              • 01 Oct 2016

              Why iphone5donot havethumb locker

                • j
                • jojo
                • ftI
                • 31 Jul 2016

                Why is no one talking abt blackberry

                  • H
                  • Hemant
                  • 7j%
                  • 19 Jul 2016

                  this phone is really nice I like it more

                    • p
                    • pardeep
                    • tUd
                    • 06 Jun 2016

                    plz tell me guyzz/.. my iphone 5 is gavy sim phone /,, so why i used this phone/.. ussd code is not working/.,,

                      • S
                      • Smallerthan5inch
                      • KZJ
                      • 02 Apr 2016

                      In the review one of the key feature is great battery life..are u sure!!?? The reality is the battery is too small and it can't last 6 hours from a full charged with normal usage only. A few round of candy crush will drained the battery like overpriced stupid phone.

                        • M
                        • Mk
                        • Mfx
                        • 10 Mar 2016

                        I have iPhone 5 in this iPhone camera is not work properly in the night and also Flash ligh is not good can anybody help me

                          • h
                          • hp shukla
                          • uwQ
                          • 15 Dec 2015

                          its a good smart phone i am using it without any problem

                            • C
                            • Cladebabe
                            • Ia1
                            • 01 Dec 2015

                            I bought new iPhone 5 in US in August, used it for few weeks and that is the end. Bold fonts on the screen that refused to go off. The phone refused to go off since I charged it for almost 2 weeks. Does it mean it is among the bad batch? Am totally disappointed and disgusted about the situation

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • uum
                              • 28 Nov 2015

                              i'm using New iphone5 64gb. my battery drain too fast.How to solve this problem

                                • D
                                • AnonD-466641
                                • CaE
                                • 17 Nov 2015

                                AnonD-416100, 11 Jul 2015My phone come to the right place for right day please dilvr... moreook but thanks any way

                                  • D
                                  • AnonD-416100
                                  • rAP
                                  • 11 Jul 2015

                                  My phone come to the right place for right day please dilvri time and date in I'm formation two day before my no

                                    • A
                                    • Alli
                                    • 0HB
                                    • 08 Jul 2015

                                    I have a iPhone for but it's had two people have had it before me so I can't update anything and get any new apps it really really sucks so as you can see I really really REALLY want a new iPhone 5 so plz plz plz vote for me or something

                                      • m
                                      • madhu
                                      • rKN
                                      • 13 Jun 2015

                                      I want 2 buy iphone5 it is better choice to buy r not pls reply me

                                        • A
                                        • Amini
                                        • ftP
                                        • 09 Jun 2015

                                        I replaced the battery after putting it on it continue searching the network. I resettled networking setting and conmecting to wifi still the problem is there. Any one to help please