HTC Windows Phone 8X review: Signed and sealed

06 November 2012
So, it’s all but settled that Windows Phone 8 is the biggest thing to happen to smartphones this year. But are the handful of flagships carrying it the best thing that could happen to users? Properly powered and engineered to perfection...

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  • Anonymous

I need windows 10 update

  • dont worry

i need to update the version apparently ?? coz it requires a Microsoft account but still refuses to sign me in!
cannot download anything

  • Akhlantin

I need to update my phone

  • AnonD-305858

I laik very good a calar

  • aravind

is here map in uae with voice? can anybody please..

  • Anonymous

I am using htc 8x for a month and its really good, though the charge isn't that good. :(

  • AnonD-39775

Mike, 21 Dec 2012I'm getting an 8X today. My phone is ONLY for email, text a... morecan you compare somehow please htc 8x's audio output level through headphones output,with beats switch "on", compared with an iphone 4/4s or an ipad any generation, both on the same song?? please!! i have just made this test with htc 8s versus my iphone 4 and 4s and ipad 2,3,4 and i've noticed that htc 8s is sligtly louder and punchier,better in any aspect than any apple products. until now apple products were the loudest. i want to switch urgent on htc 8x if it have at least the same power through headphones as iphone/ipad. please, i wanna know, i have "apples" only for their superb and powerful music output through headphones, but htc 8s blowed my sony xb 700 headphones, it is incredible !!

  • Mike

I'm getting an 8X today. My phone is ONLY for email, text and calls - have a tablet, have a 5" screen music/video player, have a camera. Not into a phone being a: "Jack of all trades" device. Tired of my Galaxy S II's poor signal (even after ANOTHER update, two weeks ago) and email is a pain to operate. If the 8X delivers on the three fronts that concern me, fine. if not, will look for something else. Don't do Apple and refuse to DOUBLE my monthly outlay for an S III.

  • Anonymous

"They have pleasant haptic feedback, which can be disabled if unneeded."

How does one disable the haptic feedback?

  • Navid

false review
Best design ever.
A phone must not be giant.
Those phones that have replaceable battery are squeaky in hand and that's annoying.
For a phone LCD is better than AMOLED because of far better outdoor performance and don't say that AMOLED on galaxy SIII has better outdoor performance than HTC one X.

  • Blonde Bomb Shell

grass, 08 Nov 2012What are you smoking?That Blue Cheese :D

  • AnonD-81834

How is the phone reception with this phone? Great, Poor, same as iphone. Does anyone care? I can deal with the other issues. I need good reception!

  • Ron George Mckenzie

Absolutely Fantastic to use because of it's Superfast Processor. Much better than an iphone 5.

  • Yuuup

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2012And windows phone 8 has arrived.. In a couple of years it'l... moreSave your miney windows 8 will make no in roads to ios or android.Its dull boring and the customisation is poor and man those tiles are so ugly and just the same as all the other borin versions before it.So long windows you worked well on a pc but not on a phone.

  • ahmadyar

Hi sir have a HTC mobile but ican not sign in and use my phone please help me

  • JiNkeEz

Done and dusted, 07 Nov 2012"Lumia's vastly superior low-light camera performance ... moreIf you really like good performance of both daylight and low-light, better wait for Sony's 2013 flagship (Yuga). It packs the new Exmor RS stacked CMOS image sensor and the low-light samples are comparable to Lumia 920. However, the topic here is all about WP 8 products, so you have to deal with Android if you wanna have better quality pictures.

Here's the sample,

  • 5odead

Why is the equalizer not available?

  • anony

nikki, 07 Nov 2012I doubt EAP-TLS enterprise network support exist or not in ... moreAre you sure, EAP TLS not supported? MS fails again

  • grass

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2012And windows phone 8 has arrived.. In a couple of years it'l... moreWhat are you smoking?

  • Anonymous

And windows phone 8 has arrived.. In a couple of years it'll be bye bye android completely.. Thank you for keeping us entertained while they came up with whats really a smartphone OS, now we are bored of you and your useless 7 panel interface with more than half the apps being viruses or spam.. Boring old menu display as well.. Your 3.1 n 4.1 n 4.3 n 4.5 n 5 n 6 doesn't impress me anymore.. Its the same crap..

I'd rather have 2lac functional apps then 7lac useless ones.. And bye bye lags and bugs..

I am moving to windows, a real smartphone app.. Doesn't need quad cores to save its face coz it runs so smoothly with its existing processor.. They are not foolish like android to make that a competition.. Coz obviously android needs it, its a different story it doesn't function well even after that..

Good luck android n iOS.. :)