Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III mini review: The Halfling

28 November 2012
Design and software experience coming straight from the most successful droid of all times, packed in a shell that's far easier to pocket. Now, who wouldn't want some of that? The Samsung Galaxy S III mini is the company's most premium compact Android smartphone and is here to prove...

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  • Hola

I can't find the apps I hid in the phone

  • Lucia

I forgot my password plz help me

  • Anonymous

Can it be used as a modem

  • Anonymous

Unfreeze the screen

  • Adesh

thanda, 20 Nov 2015Hi How do I delete the pops and adverts that keep shpqin... moreHow do i return my samsung GT-18190 back to its default settings

  • thanda


How do I delete the pops and adverts that keep shpqing up on my screen while browsing

  • Nickname

mpho, 09 Jul 2013i want to buy this phone is it good or bad phoneBest phone ever!!!!!xD

  • Bushy

I love this phone very much

  • Anonymous

Why can't I share a video that is of 45mins only 10sec ...need a answer please.

  • sar1

this phone is not getting any software updates.Almost all the jelly bean version phones are getting kit-kat please give an update for this phone.

  • Anonymous

Whenever I open an app within a few minutes the back button is automatically triggered hence either closing d app or goin back to d previous page how can I fix that

  • AnonD-294317

How can set up Access point names for may Galaxy S3 mini model 18190

  • jessy

I think its a great phone apart from on or two thingsāœ…

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2014I want to know which year it made itNovember 2012

  • Punk

How can I expand my my memory card. .Please reply

  • blacksilk

shan, 17 Mar 2014The problem I have with m s3mini is that I can't download a... moreWhile online press and hold whatever u want to diwnload options like save link, copy image, view image etc

  • shan

The problem I have with m s3mini is that I can't download anything online. No option for download while on line. Pls I need help, love the phone!

  • Anonymous

rinni, 29 Nov 2013Can you play candy crush and coiun dozer on s3 mini? Please replyyes u can

  • Anonymous

I want to know which year it made it

  • Anonymous

Some features are on my samsung galaxy s3 mini others are not..The notification bar for my phone instead of GPS mine is DATA i dont undestand can u explain to me please